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The group of people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing photographed.

The group of people affected by the Boston Marathon bombing photographed.

I can’t believe that a year has passed since the Boston Marathon bombings. It’s definitely something that hits me hard. Home is where the heart is, so could you blame me? That tension and fear our city endured a year ago will never be forgotten. As corny as this my sound, I literally remember it like it was yesterday. I was a bit emotional last night just thinking about all the emotions I felt last year along with the chaos that was going on in our city. When I think about this tragic incident, it makes me miss home even more than I do already. What I miss the most about Boston is how truly humble and supportive the people were. I miss that love and community that Boston has to offer. I definitely don’t feel any of that here in California at all and I think it’s something Californians need to get schooled in. I will never forget seeing strangers coming together and comforting each other during this tragic time. Witnessing those acts of kindness really sticks with you forever.

I came into work today rocking my blue pencil skirt and yellow blouse in honor of the anniversary. I even got my Boston Strong t-shirt for the gym after work haha. Representing Boston Strong pretty hard haha. This morning my coworker asked me about what happened exactly that day and I told her how crazy it all was. Describing the details of the event doesn’t compare to the emotions that you experience. I remember just feeling so worried and scared. I was receiving calls and text messages from friends in state and out of state to see if I was okay. I was doing the same as well making sure my friends were safe. I remember stopping by one of the make shift memorials to drop off flowers and to pay my respect, that rush of sadness hit me. That eerie feeling that surrounded Newbury Street and Boylston Street really stuck with me. I felt really sad for the families that lost their loved ones and those that were injured. It’s really inspiring to see how strong the victims are after a year later and seeing them recover. I’m very proud of my friend that was a part of the team that found the second suspect. I am grateful for them to have risked their lives to protect our city and were so brave during that moment. It’s just amazing to see our city become stronger than it was before.

This image of Martin Richard, the youngest victim that died from the bombing, will always get me emotional. For someone so young to make quite a statement prior to his death is really powerful. I can only imagine what his family is going through. Children truly are the future.

RIP Martin Richard

RIP Martin Richard

I went back onto my Xanga account to just look at the old posts I wrote during that time and emotions still haven’t changed since then. Here’s my old posts if you’re curious:

I’ve always had a lot of love for Boston prior to my move. After this event and moving to California, I left with more love for my city than I ever have. I am extremely proud to be a Bostonian.


Note: This post was from June 26, 2012. I was browsing through my old Xanga posts and just wanted to repost this on here. Just a quick disclaimer. Anyways, read on…

I think one of the saddest moments in life that we encounter is when you become a total stranger to someone. It can be due to differences in a friendship, a breakup with a significant other, or even when you’re just simply no longer acknowledged by this person—friend or foe.

We start off as strangers and once we come across each other’s paths we take the time to get acquainted with each other. Then eventually we put in the time to develop a bond, some sort of connection with someone. We either share common interests or can relate to his/her life experiences. Then follows by a level of comfort that is created for one another. You can either be fairly comfortable around this person and still censor yourself a little bit or not give a damn and act freely around him/her. From here this connection either grows stronger or it weakens. We fear that it’ll weaken and that people will drift a part because of the comfort zone we create for each other. All it takes is one simple thing that can have a huge impact on your relationship with this person.

We become hopeless, sad, confused, angry, etc as to why things fell a part and what could’ve prevented all of this from happening. You try to put the puzzle pieces together and it just still doesn’t make any sense even if the pieces do fit correctly. It’s worst when you’re left with no reason or explanation and just simply left behind with nothing but silence. Then there you go. Back at one. Being nothing but total strangers to each other again…You can’t but help to try to cherish each second with this person only to realize they’re gone the next second. You’re taken out of this routine you have with this person and become hopeless as how to carry on and how to adjust without this person in your life. There was more than just that person’s presence. It was the bond you guys developed and shared simultaneously.

To go from friends/lovers to complete total strangers is just a sad thing. But hey it happens and it’s not like it’s uncommon. It happens daily. I’m one to try to maintain great relationships with the people in my life. Not particularly with every single person I know but just the ones that matter. I’ve been thinking about this idea from time to time. Some of the things we do need to accept is the changes and to move forward with yourself. That’s all that can really be done. It’s normal to reminisce from time to time, but eventually you have to let go.

Thought of this video when I wrote about this post. I saw this awhile back and I’m sure a few or a lot of you have seen it too, but it pretty much has the same message I’m writing here too.

Just a thought…

Note: This post was from February 24, 2013. I was browsing through my old Xanga posts and just wanted to repost this on here. I might do that with a couple of posts I have on Xanga. Just a quick disclaimer. Anyways, read on…


That’s just how it feels…stuck behind a glass wall. You can see it but can’t feel it. Even when you do touch that glass so gently it’s as close as you can get to actually touching that person. It’s that barrier that is keeping you from whatever it is. No matter how hard you try to break through that glass, you just can’t. Unfortunately, that glass wall will always be there. Perhaps it’s better off that wall is there to keep you from something so untouchable that just seeing is all you’ll ever be able to do. You continue to let your imagination wander with all the seeing you’ve done and it doesn’t pull you away from the matter at all. Seeing is believing. You believe that one day that glass wall will shatter. You close your eyes, take a deep breath and take in all the emotions because it’ll be as close as you can get. It’s as if you can feel their warmth. Temptations grow and it makes things even more irresistible. Playing with fire never felt so good no matter how hard you try to resist it all. For once all the wrongs just feels so right…

Lets just face it …there will never be a happy medium. Ever.

I was supposed to post pictures on my Xanga of my 3 day trip to Chicago back in early April of this year. Never got around to posting pictures yet alone uploading pictures up until last week haha. I absolutely miss Chicago. I wouldn’t mind living there one day. It’s like a great combination of …

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With the current ‘Xanga apocalypse’ going on, I might as well start fresh and get acquainted with WordPress. I am still pretty bummed about Xanga shutting down. It was a big part of growing up way before Facebook, Twitter, and all those other social media outlets came along. I was a member of Xanga since 2001 and it’s crazy how I’m still managing to blog on that site. I’m surprised for how long they’ve lasted though. It was already a shame to see how small the Xanga community has gotten over the years. Yet it was always refreshing to see how many great people were still on there blogging and not letting the current social media fads take them away. Although I have to admit there weren’t many good blogs to read anymore as each blogger was leaving one by one. A lot of people gave up on blogging wondering “is anyone even gonna read this?” and carried on with their lives offline from Xanga.

I feel like the Xanga team basically broke up with the bloggers lol. “It’s not you, it’s me” kinda deal, ya know haha. I did contribute a donation to their fundraiser in hoping that maybe they’ll be able to revive the site, but there is some doubts as hopeful and optimistic I tried to be. I wish the Xanga team raised much more awareness in the Xanga community for what was going on rather than to drop the bomb and hoping to raise $60K in a month. RIDONKULOUS! I have to say it’s a bit sloppy on their end.

Here amidst onto a new blog, I hope to come across great bloggers like I did with Xanga. I am very glad to have built a friendship with many people on there. I feel like every Xangan is reaching out to each other collecting each other’s contacts as if we’re graduating and signing each other’s yearbooks before we part our own ways haha. I feel like I’m leaving my childhood behind and putting on my big girl pants now that I’ve joined WordPress haha. I had made a WP account probably a few months ago and attempted to blog on here, but I was way too comfortable with blogging away on Xanga. C’mon Xanga member since 2001 haha!

I don’t plan on archiving my blogs from Xanga at all. I think it’ll be a great fresh start on here with a clean slate. Yeah, it would be interesting to read back on my posts and reminisce but I think I’ll be okay without my old posts. A lot of great yet horrible memories and I’d rather just not remind myself of those times.

Anyways, I look forward to reading more blogs here on WP and maybe come across those familiar Xangans on here as well!

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂