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On Friday afternoon after lunch, I took my friends to the Tech Museum to check out the Star Wars exhibit. I’ve been wanting to check it out and was excited that they had extended the exhibit. They were excited to check out the exhibit so I was relieved that they’d enjoy it. Before we started talking through the exhibit we asked someone to take a picture of us in front of the Star Wars sign and we all stood there doing the Spock hand gesture. Obviously we know it’s Star Trek but we just thought it’d be funny lol. It was pretty cool to see the models of the crafts and costumes. It was a small exhibit but definitely worth checking out if you’re in San Jose. We didn’t get to explore the rest of the Tech Museum as much since my friend wasn’t feeling well. We were playing with these light magnets on the wall and just played around with that and I spelled out ‘Boston’ haha. It just seemed like a big playground for adults as well as children haha. I definitely want to come back and check it out again. I heard about the Tech After Hours event that they have on Thursdays. Hopefully my next visit here will be for that. 🙂


On Wednesday night, my friends from into SJ from Boston to visit me for my birthday. I was so exhausted waiting up for them since their flight got delayed. Once I saw them walk out I got out of my car and ran to them and started crying. I know I’m such a softie lol. I was so happy and relieved to see my friends. After I picked them up we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some drinks since the options to grab a drink on a Wednesday night were kinda limited. Of course we’d have a few shots and drinks, but it was nice hanging out like that even for a little bit before we got some rest. I felt like my old self again and I was just really happy.

We headed to SF on Thursday afternoon and made it in time for brunch at Mama’s on Washington Square. Parking was kind of a pain but luckily it didn’t take too long and waiting in line to get seated wasn’t too bad either. I heard that there’s usually a crazy line. It was a cute and cozy place. The food there was good, but I’ve had better brunch lol. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars. I got my usual smoked salmon eggs benedict, but they call it the Norwegian here. The Bloody Mary was alright. It had soju in it instead of vodka. Once again, I’ve had better brunch elsewhere haha.

After brunch we headed straight to the Golden Gate Bridge. This was my second time here and I was at more of the touristy side where they had a cafe and a souvenir shop. The last time I went I drove over the bridge and was in a parking lot. I preferred the side I was at this time. Got much better views and we got to walk a little bit over the bridge. I was scared shitless to walk over it because I’m really scared of heights. Got some great shots of the bridge. It was awesome that it wasn’t foggy like last time. We lingered around and took lots of photos.

Afterwards we headed to the Japanese Tea Garden. Luckily we made it in time because they were about to close in 15 minutes. Even better that I found parking on the street. I really loved this place! I definitely wanna come back here again and just chill with a book or something. It was really small but it’s was very relaxing. Maybe one day when I become a baller, I’ll build a garden like this in my back yard haha. It was a really cute place and we got to chill for a bit and enjoy some tea.

Our next destination was the California Academy of Sciences. I always heard great things about Thursday nights here because of their “NightLife” they have here weekly. We browsed at the map of what to check out, instead we just walked around and got to see a lot. It was pretty cool. I think we might’ve missed seeing a couple of things but that’s okay. It was still a good time.

The final destination was to get dinner at The View. It was located on the top floor of the Marriott Hotel. Pretty much suppose to be a great view of SF. I have to say Boston’s Top of the Hub and the Signature Lounge in Chicago had better views of the city. At least there was glass windows all around so you can see better. Nonetheless the seat we got, we were able to see the Golden Gate Bridge so that was cool. The food was actually pretty good. Got myself the braised short ribs and the drinks there were good too. I guess I can’t complain too much about the place haha. After we finished our dinner and as I was staring out the window, I noticed the waitress’ reflection. I saw her holding a dessert platter with a candle lol. I was thinking I hope that’s not for me and possibly for the table next to us. Nope! Haha. My friends were so sweet and arranged for this. I started crying because I was so surprised and overwhelmed by their kindness. I rarely ever get surprises especially like that so it was extremely sweet and thoughtful of them. The dessert sucked here but hey it was the thought that counts lol. My friends picked up what to get on the dessert platter. The only one I liked was the espresso creme brûlée. Creme brûlée is one of my favorite desserts and I’m glad they remembered since I don’t have much of a sweet tooth haha.

At this point we were so exhausted and it was only 9 or 10 PM haha. Talk about grandma status. We accomplished a lot with the sightseeing. Definitely a productive day. It was nice to have checked out these places with someone that’s actually never been to these places. I just couldn’t get over how nice it was that day. Perfect weather with great company.

Hands down one of the best days I’ve had since I’ve been here in Cali. 🙂

Finally got to check out the De Young Museum with some new friends. I’ve heard good things about this museum. There was an exhibit that my friends had planned to check out since it’s last day is January 20th. They were nice enough to invite me and I definitely took advantage of getting out of San Jose for the day. When we arrived there was a misleading sign saying the exhibit sold out. So glad it wasn’t. They were doing 15 minute rotations so that disclaimer wasn’t posted on the sign at all. Luckily we managed to get to the last rotation for the exhibit. We had a good chunk of time to kill so we decided to just walk around the museum since it was my first time there. Saw a couple of cool things, but their permanent collection didn’t fascinate me. I was told this museum had great exhibitions, but their permanent collection was blah.

Anyways, after lingering around for a bit we finally got in line for the exhibit. Total bummer that we weren’t allowed to take any photos. I was looking forward to giving my DSLR some more action but I had to put it away. I’m sure I could’ve taken pictures with my phone but it was way too crowded. The exhibit displayed work by this artist named David Hockney. I think his work is amazing. As you walk through the exhibit you notice the different mediums he works with. It ranged from watercolor, oil paints, and then iPad drawings and video. It was really interesting with the iPad drawings that he’s done. If you look at a piece of his work from far away it looked like a painting using actual paints…not an iPad. Very interesting stuff especially after viewing his sketch books in the displays. I think it’s really innovative for what he’s created since we’re such a digital era with everything.

So glad I went 🙂

I was supposed to post pictures on my Xanga of my 3 day trip to Chicago back in early April of this year. Never got around to posting pictures yet alone uploading pictures up until last week haha. I absolutely miss Chicago. I wouldn’t mind living there one day. It’s like a great combination of …

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