It’s been a total shit show at work this past week. We have a lot of important deadlines approaching and everyone is stressed out. I go to the gym everyday after work with my coworkers to relieve this stress, which has helped. I’m just kinda frustrated with some of the revisions I have to work on. It really annoys the shit outta me that people can’t be specific in what they want completed. People are being stupid and a pain in the ass right now. I’m way pass a deadline and it’s stressing me out. I fucked up on a project this morning, which isn’t entirely a big deal but still it makes me look bad. Luckily the project manager is being understanding and I made a quick turn around on that assignment.

It’s almost lunch time and I’d much rather having a few drinks right now. Definitely much needed at this point. For now the gym after work will do to help relieve that stress. Probably will go a lot longer today and set aside my errands. There’s just a lot of stress building up at the moment. I’m just overwhelmed and trying to chill out. It didn’t help with lots of people in the office and talking so loudly. I just put on my headphones and tried to block them out but I just got even more annoyed. I’m trying my hardest right now to bite my tongue so I don’t snap at my coworkers like a crazy bitch that I can be lol.

I’m just ready for the weekend already!!! Gym, beer and sushi is all I’m looking forward to after work.


Getting It Together

Besides my recent depressing posts, I’ll update with a much more uplifting post haha. Work has been great. I am definitely in a great place right now. I love my job even more than I did already. My company is awesome. It’s definitely my ideal work environment. I love the culture of the company and how well they appreciate their employees. Lots of great perks here at this company and I work with such an amazing team of people. I’ve gotten closer with 2 of my coworkers that I started with so it’s nice to have girls that are close to my age to hang out with and to talk about anything. We recently discovered that there’s a gym at my company so we go to the gym together after work, which is great and motivating for each other. Later today we’re going to yoga since they apparently offer yoga classes at my company twice a week. Might as well take advantage of it all while I can! Also, they service breakfast at work which is really convenient. They have a yogurt bar where you can add fresh fruit and other toppings to it. It’s really good. I wish I could just live at my company since they practically have everything I need haha. :p

Last week my boss gave us an optional task of creating a t-shirt design for our upcoming event in LA. The goal was to great a t-shirt celebrating our company’s anniversary. You can design the t-shirt however you want as long as it represents how old the company is which is 25 years old. It can’t be too feminine, but it should be a bit more masculine yet also likable enough for it to be unisex. The t-shirts will be printed on American Apparel t-shirts and will be sold at our event, which exciting. The winner will get a $100 or $200 Amazon gift card which is awesome. I’m still not sure how much but better than nothing! Yesterday my team voted on the designs that my other boss, my coworker and myself did. I had 3 designs to show and was kinda nervous to see if my design was as up to par as theirs. I was up against a senior designer and an entry level designer, but you never know what design styles they have or how good they are at any level. I thought here’s my chance to really show how strong of a designer I am so I had to take advantage of it. The team didn’t know who’s designs were who. It was interesting to see who was voting for which design and their reaction and comments about the designs. So far it looks like I kicked everyone’s ass unanimously lol. That definitely boosted my confidence as a designer and I was really happy. Plus, I never win anything so something like that gets me so happy haha. I’m still awaiting on the final decision, but it’d be really cool if I won. 🙂

Here’s my t-shirt designs. It’s not the final designs since they still need to be cleaned up and tweaked before final submissions if one of them is selected. The second design was the favorited one:

Besides updates about work and working out, I just feel a lot happier. Of course I’ll have my days where I feel a little down, but I can’t be all jolly everyday haha. When I video chat with my friends from home, they see me happy again, which is a relief to them. I do catch myself being sad sometimes, but I really try my best not to dwell on it so much. I’m still really hurt, but I’m too busy to focus on that. I’m doing great things with my life right now and I can’t stop for look back at the past. I work in a very happy and positive environment which has definitely lifted my mood. I’ve met some interesting people recently and we’ll see how it goes. I just feel like I’m slowly yet finally getting it together. It’s a great feeling and I haven’t felt like this in awhile. I’d like to make more time to go to SF on the weekends since work practically drains me. I’ve been looking up concerts to go to. My travel plans might be put on hold, but that’s okay. That’s still up in the air. For now I enjoy spending my weekends reading at a cafe, going to temple and working out. The Pescatarian thing has been going well. There has been a couple of moments where I had chicken, but no biggie. I’ve been eating a lot of sashimi for dinner recently. Need to chill out with that because I’m definitely not a baller haha, but it’s sooo good!

I’m okay again. 🙂

New Day, New Job

This past week I started a new job. I was torn between two jobs I was getting hired for. Both companies liked me (but then again who wouldn’t haha jk), but there were pros and cons to both. The first company was out in the boonies and it wasn’t an amazing company even though I’d still be doing design. Perks of that company was that it was a permanent full time job. The second company is a 3 month contract, great company, amazing benefits, etc etc. So do you go with the stable income or take the risk in hopping on board another contract job? I am taking the risk in hoping that the company will keep me after my contract is over. I even had a hard time sleeping after trying to make a decision. As much as I prefer a stable, full time position, I had to go with my second option. I’d be a total idiot if I declined the offer. This experience in moving out here has been about taking risks, so why not?

My job is just 10-15 minute drive to work, so the commute is awesome and extremely convenient. I was hired along with 3 other designers. The company is in the process of rebuilding their design team. Currently with myself included there was 20 designers and the creative director is hoping to double that number eventually. So there is a chance I could be kept on board, but I don’t wanna get my hopes up. As for my first day it was awesome!! Since it was on St. Patrick’s Day they served corned beef for lunch. I have to say our cafeteria at work serves some pretty bomb food. My boss was nice and bought the  whole department lunch that day. We sat down together as a team, ate lunch and mingled. Everyone at this company is really nice and laid back. We joke around quite often which is nice. It isn’t such a stuffy environment. They believe in creating that family type of atmosphere at work especially during lunch so no one is left out but they are respectful of your privacy. So if you don’t want to eat lunch with us there’s definitely no hard feelings haha. Later that Monday evening, we went downstairs as a team and got some green beer since it was St. Patrick’s Day. That was my favorite part of the day haha.

The office itself is pretty awesome. Since we’re on the top floor, we have an outdoor patio where you can sit and do work or have lunch. We had lunch out there yesterday and it was pretty cool. There’s an amusement park nearby so we can see the roller coaster from the balcony haha. Apparently during the summer you can hear people screaming on the rides haha. Lots of free snacks and goodies at work, which is always awesome. The conference room is pretty awesome. There’s a white table which you can write on with dry erase markers haha. Apparently there’s several billiards tables in the other building. I am still anticipating the tour of that building!

Today we had a department meeting and we got to meet the new CEO. Really nice British dude. The company is in the process of rebranding so there’s a lot of exciting projects coming our way. As a designer it’s really a rewarding feeling to be on board of not only a brand new project, but to be a part of the company’s entire brand identity. There was definitely a lot of pressure placed on us today during the meeting, but I’m ready for the work and chaos lol. Pretty much we need to be sleeping and breathing the new brand guidelines, which is fine with me.

I love coming into work especially with such an amazing company. I love their esthetics and their high appreciation for their employees. I love my coworkers and to be working with such smart and talented designers. It’s very inspiring and motivating. I’m just really happy that I not only found a job again, but to be working with an amazing company and people. This moment makes me feel a lot happier and reassured in my decision in moving out to the west coast. 🙂

Worst Employer Ever

I’ve never had to speak poorly about any of my past employers, but damn this one definitely takes the cake for it. With any job no matter what profession it is, there are pro’s and con’s. As for myself I’ve always enjoyed the work I do and my previous employers has always been great. My only con would be the typical stress that comes with any job but that’s still not a total deal breaker for me to dislike my job or position. While I was searching for jobs out here in California after I moved here, I had a quick turn around with a potential position. I was really excited that I was gonna get my foot in the door somewhere. It was a huge relief and I was ready to have my plate loaded with work.

I got hired instantly and signed my contract. The pay was good and I enjoyed what I did until not too far along into the job things didn’t seem as good to be true  as I thought it would be. My boss was treating me like shit. Crossing personal boundaries and just treating me as if I was working at a child labored sweatshop. There was a lack of respect and especially communication. Whenever she had to get in touch with me about projects and whatnot, I’d pick up that phone call or respond to the e-mails immediately. That’s how it should be since I was working remotely. Yet when it came to me having to contacting her about anything, my phone calls and e-mails would be disregarded and I’d get ignored. Shadiness at its finest lol.

I got fed up with how I was getting treated and was more motivated to leave the position than to suck it up and continue dealing with the bullshit. I couldn’t stand the lack of professionalism and disrespect any longer. No matter how much I told myself to suck it up and be grateful that I had a source of income flowing, it just wasn’t worth it. No one should tolerate that type of shit from anyone. Luckily I was able to find a new position right away which I felt so relieved about. But then I had to literally harass my boss for my paycheck. I wasn’t even seeing ONE paycheck prior to me quitting. It was stressful since we all have bills to pay and I had forked out so much of my own money to move myself to California. It was just a lot of stress for me. Finally after I made never ending calls and e-mails to get my pay, this bitch finally came through.

I was hoping to never deal with her again until she contacted me about some files that she needed. I was considering on ignoring and deleting the e-mail since she asked me to do an extremely task. Until I realized …I needed something from her which was some necessary paper work. Seriously thought to myself “WTF!?” lol. For now I’m just trying to get ahold of that bullshit paper work and it has been a total struggle and extremely stressful for me. I feel like I’ve been a total crazy bitch all day harassing this lady’s phone and e-mails just to get a simple answer out of her. All I need to know is if she has the paper or not. Simple yes or no. Her shadiness has definitely went up since I’ve last spoken to her and I knew she wasn’t gonna follow through on her end. Now I’m back to getting on her ass before I have consider legal matters.

I just needed to blog and vent about this since it’s been such a fucking headache for me. It’s put me in a shitty mood all day and I was looking forward to enjoying beautiful weather outside today, but nope. I’ve just been very mad and stressed out. I felt better after discussing with my college friend from home as to what I should do. She’s a designer as well that is currently freelancing so she was the best person to seek any advice from. She understands why I strongly dislike freelancing. Biggest pain in the ass ever. Anyways, I’m just want this shit to be over with because I just feel like a total crazy woman right now over my previous employer’s lack of professionalism.

Haven’t been this angry and stressed out in awhile. I would never call anyone especially a female this, but she is seriously the biggest CUNT I’ve ever met. I don’t know if that gives you the gist of how mad I am lol. Gonna try my best to destress and go for a run or whatever later to redirect my anger. For now, WOOSAH!!!

General Assembly

A week ago I attended this design course that was hosted by General Assembly. What’s General Assembly? They offer courses that’s open to anyone (with a design background or not). The type of courses that they offer ranges from front-end web developing, user experience, and etc. It’s really great what they offer and it’s pretty affordable. You don’t have to worry about going back to college and being stuck there for a couple of years. The timing of these courses can vary for a 1 one day, 2 hour session or 10-week course.

I noticed on my friend’s LinkedIn post about this 2 hour session for Intro to Front-End Web Developing. I looked more into it and decided to sign up. It was just $20 in San Francisco, so why not? Might as well take advantage of all the learning I can get. Also, it was a good refresher on HTML, CSS & Javascript as well as getting to catch up with my friend. The location that it was held at was pretty cool. It was in a loft style space that had a great view of SF. There was a good number of people that attended so it wasn’t awkward that there was gonna be like 5 people haha. There was about 20 people and we went around the room introducing ourselves. It was really interesting to see how different everyone’s background was. I thought there would be more designers there, but nope. There were people that worked in finance, authors, and I forget what else. The only designers that were there besides myself and my friend was this other girl.

Our instructor was really chill. I believe he used to be an architect and shifted towards UI/UX design. I forget but that was pretty cool to know. So the course was very fast paced, but understandable since you have 2 hours to cram in the basics for three topics. I felt a bit overwhelmed but I definitely feel like I need a much more in depth session on Front-End Web Developing. I noticed on the website that they’re having a 10-week course which sounds awesome, BUT lets see if it’s in the funds for me to even consider attending something like that. Although it’ll be very beneficial for my current skill set. There’s a session coming up soon in 2 weeks. Kinda hoping it’s not a total dent in my wallet before I go ahead committing myself to that course. I’d be pretty excited if I can attend though.

Anyways, if you’re a graphic designer like myself or not definitely consider checking out General Assembly and see what they have to offer. It’s definitely a great resource!

Check it out:

If you’re interested in knowing about Front-end Web Developing, here’s a link the instructor sent us. Basically notes and what we went over in the course:

Midnight Motivation

I have to admit that being back on the unemployed club is definitely not fun. Whoever said it was? I’ve been trying my best to stay positive and to treat job searching as a full time job itself. Even though this unemployment is still quite fresh, I’m gradually panicking and worrying. I’m really trying to keep my cool and to relax. Everything will be okay. Due to a recent incident back at home, it’s kinda thrown me off track of this path of optimism. Seriously, can’t catch a break especially in the new year. It’s definitely gotten harder for me to sleep again. I’m literally in bed at 10PM and rolling around bed until 2 or 3AM and waking up at 7AM. I’m just very restless.

When I can’t sleep I spend my time job searching away or reworking my resume or website. I don’t waste any time at all. All gadgets (MacBook Pro, iPad mini, iPhone…can you tell I’m an Apple fan girl? haha) and notebook is all on deck if I need to hop onto any of those platforms to search for something or to quickly write something down. I got a lot of up and coming projects to work on. It’s quite a work load on my plate but I need to do it to better myself for my own sake as a designer. As excited as I am about these projects, I can’t tackle on too much at the same time or else I won’t get shit done. Tonight I had a great idea for a design website to develop, but I think it’s best I try to get a good night’s rest before I jump into anything. I was borderline close to purchasing a domain. It’s been an idea that I wasn’t sure how to go further with it, but tonight it just came to me. Once again, I need to let these ideas marinate in my mind for a bit and to start my day fresh tomorrow so I can organize my ideas and thoughts thoroughly. I guess I’m just excited to get some projects started. Here’s my “free” time that I need to take advantage of while it lasts. You know you love your career if you catch yourself thinking about it while off the clock. This is what I’m passionate about and what I’m willing to do to get myself to where I need to be. With the issues back at home, it’s raised my level of determination and drive for not only myself, but for my family as well.

Anyways, I really do think too much at night whether it’s about my career or something else, but at least my mind is wandering towards a positive path. Hopefully I can fall asleep soon!!

Good night.

Good Fucking Design Advice

Total nerd status. Don’t judge me!! Like my wallpaper? Lol. This is how I usually spend my day: transferring files from my old Macbook Pro to new MBP or working on new projects

One of the many things I try to do to keep myself occupied is to attend any kind of design event, whether it’s a speaking engagement or a networking event. Anything to get the juices flowing, ya know? Two weeks ago I attended a GFDA event at UC Berkeley. I was pretty pumped to go since they were coming to Berkeley and San Francisco. I opted for the Berkeley location because it was free and wanted to check out that area since I’ve never been. I’ve always wanted to attend their lectures and luckily they were doing a U.S tour.

I came across their website about 3 years ago while just Google-ing “design inspiration” or something along those lines. I thought what they had was hilarious, yet pretty helpful. It’s funny that they’ve now implemented a “family friendly” version on their website lol. Sometimes we all need a good kick in the ass and the advice they had posted on there was helpful. They’ve developed a lot of advice over a period of time as their company grew. The advice can apply to everyone besides designers. I think what they’ve created was very inspiring and motivating.

They made 3 very important focal points at the end of the lecture, which was:

– Risk everything.

– Expect nothing.

– Prepare for anything.

I felt like I touched all those points. I took the risk in moving to California, with no job lined up. Pretty much said fuck it, packed my things, and left. I had no expectations for what was to happen for when I arrived. Now, I’m prepared to adapt to a lot of changes (skill wise that is) in my career. Not everyone necessarily has to do what I did, but sometimes you just gotta man up and make some bold moves in life. Not only did I leave the event with some small nifty goodies (GFDA friendship bracelet that says “GOOD FUCKING FRIENDS”, postcard, and a GFDA sticker which they ran out of 😦 ), but it definitely reassured myself as a designer and as a person in what goals I have in life. It was comforting to be surrounded by designers that were on the same boat as me and that can relate to my struggles in this field.

I have a lot of work on my plate and it’s time to get shit moving…fast. I’m in this process of rebranding everything about myself as a designer. It’s gonna be a total bitch to get a lot of this work started and to keep the flow going, but I’m excited.

Check out their website: