Getting the Fuck Out

I had spent almost a week in Seattle as my escape from Thanksgiving. FYI, I hate the holidays. I needed an escape from Cali, work, life, etc. All I really wanted to do was to read my book, walk around the city, enjoy some good food, take some photos, and repeat. I arrived early Thanksgiving morning in Seattle and as I made my way to the light rail to go to my hotel, I already felt this huge relief. A lot of weight had shifted from my shoulders. The ride on the light rail to the hotel was relaxing to me. Walking to my hotel and taking in that crisp, morning air was just so refreshing. I really miss the cold weather. It’s a shame that Californians can’t appreciate the cold weather. Constant sunshine isn’t all that great. I was pretty exhausted and just wanted to quickly unpack and get settled in. I didn’t get much sleep the night before so I wanted to knock out as soon as possible. I ordered room service and indulged in a yummy burger which put my ass into food coma haha. I woke up to pretty much go across the street for dinner. After that dinner it was still pretty early and decided to go watch ‘Justice League’, which was good. I ended the night with going to the gym, sauna and hot tub at the hotel and went to bed early. That was my ideal ‘Thanksgiving’. It was just so peaceful.

I got to finish a design management book (Radical Candor by Kim Scott) that I was reading and got to start reading ‘After Dark’ by Haruki Murakami, which I ended up finishing in less than 3 days. I had so much time on my hands that it wasn’t hard to breeze through that book like nothing. I checked out different coffee shops in the area, explored a bunch of bookstores and of course continued stuffing my face during these moments of exploration. I found a used copy of ‘the Diary of Anaïs Nin: Vol. 2’ at one of the used bookstores that I checked out. I didn’t think I’d find anything that would remotely catch my attention but happy to find that for $3. Score! I plan on finding the other volumes and adding it to my library. I usually returned back to my hotel pretty early to relax since I don’t go out late like that at all. I made the conscious effort to work out while I’m traveling, which only encouraged me to go eat even more delicious food in Seattle haha.

My trip was fun yet relaxing. I truly felt happy and not one bit alone even though I had traveled alone. I didn’t feel scared walking around at night by myself. Everyone in Seattle was just so friendly and kind to me wherever I went. I clicked so well with the people and the city. However the moment I got back to Cali, my mood shifted instantly. I realized how shitty Californians are and how much I really hate this state. The people here are spoiled, rude, dumb, etc. The moment I landed back in Cali, I got into an argument with this dumb bitch at the airport. I don’t understand this bubble of sunshine that Californians live in and I don’t care to ever understand because they’re so out of touch with reality and it’s really sad and pathetic. I thought about my 5 year plan while I was on the light rail to the airport in Seattle and the goal is to be debt free, save up, get my health in a better place, become more well established in my career and move to Seattle hopefully. I’m pretty much only staying here for my career. As much as I hate the people and the state, there’s been great opportunities here. There is a strong design community out here, but I’ve come to terms that might not be enough for me to stay. I’ve never called this place my home because it’s not. It’s really just a long business trip to me. I didn’t leave Boston with the mentality that Cali will be my new home. I strictly came here for growth in my career and I continue to stick with that plan.

I made friends with the girl sitting next to me during my flight back to Cali. I gave her my business card to keep in touch since I had some questions for her about Seattle and vice versa. I will be going back to Seattle for Christmas and during that time I plan on getting quite serious in where abouts in Seattle that I want to live in. Seattle is truly my happy place. For now, time to hustle real hard and get the fuck out.


2 thoughts on “Getting the Fuck Out

  1. Keep to your plan! A lot of californians do seem entitled and sheltered. Definitely not my favorite place in terms of how friendly the community feels.

  2. It still confuses me how you don’t have a good experience with Californians, but perhaps I’m part of that bubble. Hmm! I’m glad you found a city you love though during this process. 🙂

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