Year Four

July 12 marked my 4th year living here. Honestly, I’m surprised I’m still even here. As for my thoughts of living in Cali…it all really remains the same. I find Californians to be extremely flakey and wack as fuck with an exception of like two people. I don’t really care that it’s always sunny which was never a ‘must have’ on my list for why I even moved here. Dating wise, the guys are just as lame and have yet to meet someone to prove me wrong. I know I sound pretty negative but hey it’s all true. Anyways, I’ve done well for myself career rise. There’s growth, but right now I feel like the growth has kinda stopped and maybe I need to venture off to somewhere new. I’m not sure. I’ve noticed I feel so annoyed by continuing to live here. However, I’m just not in a rush to move anywhere yet until I get my health in check. For now I’m hanging in there until I decide what’s my next move.


6 thoughts on “Year Four

  1. I have been here for 8 years. Time flies if you don’t make an effort to pack your bags. If you are somewhat comfortable with your life, it’s challenging to pack your bags and uproot yourself again.

    1. Where abouts in Cali are you at? Yeah, trust me I’ve thought about it that if I stay longer I’ll be comfortable. A huge part of me is eager to leave, but my health and doctors comes first for now. The hassle of finding new doctors and whatnot especially in a new city/state already sounds like a pain in the ass.

      1. I am not in Cali. Little Red Dot has been my home for the past 8+ years.
        Yes, given your health issues, quality medical care *is* very important.

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