Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I’m always trying to declutter my place yet at this point, what else do I even have left? I am currently on this total closet purge. Recently I’ve spent quite a bit of money on some new clothes and it’s mainly new workout clothes, which I practically live in now. I am barely in the office, I don’t go out as often as I used to, and I do workout a lot so that’s why I’m dressed down and very casual. A few months ago, I had swapped out my plastic hangers for velvet hangers to save space in my closet, which did make a big difference. I’ve given those away to my landlord and friends to use. I’ve resisted on purchasing more velvet hangers because that’ll just add on to the clutter and it’ll defeat the purpose of decluttering. Last night I pulled out dresses, tops and a few other things from my closet. I stood there staring at my clothes and deciding what to get rid of. I either don’t wear it or it doesn’t suit my style anymore. If I’m out and about, you can usually catch me in leggings, v neck tee and sneakers or flip flops.

I’ve posted a few items to sell on Poshmark since I’ve made good earnings in the past, but I wish people weren’t so stingy and low balling on there because I want to get rid of my stuff immediately. To post your items, then repost it on a daily basis so it’s seen as a new listing is such a commitment. Ain’t nobody got the time for that. Well I used to, but not anymore haha. It bothers me how much of a slow process it is just to get someone to buy your stuff. So in the meantime, I’ve decided to order another ‘clean out kit’ from ThredUP to get rid of my stuff. I’ve filled up a clean out kit before and made decent profit from it. At least if my items don’t sell, it’ll be donated and of course out of sight and out of mind in my home.

Today I realized not only do I want to get rid of clothes, but handbags and shoes as well. I hardly use them and they’re in great condition. I have shoes that’s brand new and still in the box. Not like my stuff has any bad juju or anything. Every time I open that closet door I feel suffocated as weird as that may sound. I’d rather someone else put it into better use instead of me continuing to let my stuff sit around and collect dust. I just want more space…in my space…and to make better use of my space without having to feel obligated to fill it up just because it’s empty. As eager as I am to declutter, it’s almost like a cleanse…a very effortless cleanse. With the things that has happened to me recently, it’s like getting rid of the bad and to simplify my life. It feels so refreshing. But I’m also the weirdo that enjoys cleaning and organizing haha.

Happy cleaning!


5 thoughts on “Out of Sight, Out of Mind

  1. Omg decluttering can be so fun! I did a massive purge after Konmari but could definitely use another purge. I’ve been letting my sister try to sell my shoes and other items on Poshmark. Super slow process like you said. Curious about that clean out kit now.

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