Much Needed Day Off

My week had started off quite stressful. I had worked remotely all day at my favorite coffee shop on Monday. As the work day was coming to an end, I get an e-mail to add more changes to the design that I had thought out and mocked up. This change ended up causing me to redesign everything and to add on more mockups. W-T-F!! I felt overwhelmed by this bullshit. For awhile I had contemplated on taking work off and getting away to Santa Cruz. I haven’t been down there for awhile and since the weather was suitable beach weather I thought why not. However I’ve become a workaholic over the years and it’s hard for me to walk away from my work sometimes. I’ll literally be thinking about it or checking my work email constantly. It’s a bad habit that I need to break.

Anyways, during that moment of frustration I kinda said fuck it and decided to book a hotel for the next day. I was debating on taking work off for 2 days, but I wanted to make sure that I like the hotel and I could always extend my stay once I arrive. Later on Monday night I hardly slept as I stayed up as late as possible to finish up as much work as I can before I left early the next morning. Since I was only staying a night, I wasn’t too worried about packing especially for a local trip. Pretty much just tossed my bathing suit, a dress and a few other items in a weekender bag and called it a day. I only got a couple hours of sleep, but dragged my ass out of bed to get on the road. I wanted to get the most out of the hotel that I was staying at. It’s right on the beach with a pool, hot tub, and literally steps away from the beach, wharf and boardwalk.

I really didn’t want to drive anywhere. I simply wanted to just tan, read my book, have a couple drinks and relax. I wanted to be catered to so I took advantage of room service, which to my surprise the food was actually pretty good. I enjoyed a nice breakfast on the balcony with an ocean view before I made my way to the pool. From there I was at the pool from 11AM until 6PM, which led me to getting sunburnt. Yes, I did wear and kept reapplying lots of sunscreen. It’s safe to say I’m gonna be hiding from the sun for awhile. I got burnt pretty badly and this shit still hurts. I was extremely red the next day, and the day after …and even a bit today. I’m surprised I didn’t get sun poisoning or a heat stroke from that shit.

While I was at the pool lounging and enjoying myself, I had met quite a few people. I met this older couple that were lounging next to me. We chatted for awhile and they were visiting from Santa Rosa and booked this hotel out on a whim as well. Spoke to this family that were visiting from Halifax, Canada. I moved over to the cute cabanas that were by the pool to get some shade and to read some more. The mom had apologized if her kids were being really loud and bothering me, which they weren’t at all. They were in Cali and pretty much started their trip from SF and were making their way down along the coast and to hit San Diego as their final destination. Lots of friendly guests at this hotel as well as friendly staff.

Eventually I finally made way back to my room to take care of my painful sunburn and to order room service for dinner. Enjoyed my dinner on the balcony, played with my camera to take pictures of the sunset, and just enjoyed my view while it lasted. As I got ready for bed and patiently waited for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD to air, the sound of the ocean waves was super relaxing. That literally put me to sleep. When I woke up the next day I felt so refreshed despite this nasty sunburn. I haven’t felt like that in so long. If I wasn’t sunburnt, I would’ve extended my stay.

Overall, I’m glad I took a break from work even if it was just for a day. Before my trip I had a talk with my friend/old colleague from my last team, T and he’s like a total ‘dad’ to me out here giving me advice in design and life. One thing that he said that kept lingering in my mind was “to be gentle to myself”. He was right. I need to take better care of myself. He’s even said to me on many occasions to take a break from work. Uncle T was right and he’s usually always right.


5 thoughts on “Much Needed Day Off

  1. Glad you took a trip and got a chance to recharge a bit.
    I wonder if you like remote working and how you feel about it. In the company I work for we don’t really have a strong “home office” culture, but if and when I do it, I catch myself working more than in the office. An 8 hours work day from home is more intense than in the office because I can focus more at home. But being disconnected from the informal information flow is annoying.

    1. At my current job, this is the first time where I’ve worked almost full time remote and also my boss as well as my team is remote as well. This was a new challenge for me whereas at my previous job I was in the office more even though my commute was quite long. I live pretty close to my current job yet I work from home more often haha. However, I tend to work from home in the mornings and then around the afternoon after lunch I’ll go to a coffee shop. I guess it depends on my mood and how much work I need to get done. I find myself to be much more productive at a coffee shop.

      1. Same here. If I go out to read a book, I listen to music at the same time. I’ve gotten funny looks for doing that.

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