Monday Ramblings

Been reorganizing and decluttering my room over the weekend. As I’m getting rid of things, I’m bringing in some new additions to my room…which ends up defeating the purpose of decluttering my room. Anyways, I have a few workout equipment and decided to buy a weight bar. Figured I could put it into good use with my current workout routine, so I’m excited for that. Plus, I haven’t made as much use of the gym at work since I’ve been practically 100% working from home for a month now. Might as well work out in the comfort of my own home.

Back in December I had purchased tickets to go see Deadmau5 in April. At the time I was excited and now that it’s April I’m bailing on the concert tonight. Why? Because I slept like total shit last night, I have work to finish up, and I REALLY don’t want to drive to Oakland during rush hour traffic. I know I’ll feel like shit the next day if I stay out and come home late. It’s a waste of money on my end, but oh well.

Instead of going to the concert tonight, I’m going to HMart (Korean chain grocery market). I used to go to HMart all the time back in Boston. It’s a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. I really like the banchan from there and the variety of marinated meats. I don’t eat that much red meat anymore, but since I found out that they opened recently I have this urge to cook anything Korean. I really want to make spicy pork belly kimchi lettuce wraps and japchae. It’s kinda funny that my priorities has shifted from originally wanting to go to a concert that I had kinda sorta looked forward to …to checking out a Korean grocery market. SMH… 🙂

Along with sleeping like total shit last night, today was my second time skipping one of my many physical therapy appointments. I was in no shape or form able to go because I was extremely exhausted. I was really out of it and could barely open my eyes. I didn’t want to waste my time going especially the physical therapist’s time if I wasn’t really going to put in any effort. Oddly I feel really bad for cancelling. It’s probably a guilty conscience lingering and being hard on myself for not going. I really needed to get my rest so I can finish up my work today.

Annoying coworker is still incredibly fucking annoying. Keeps texting and whatnot. Bitch, do you not get the hint? Hate to sound like a total bitch by saying this, but now I get why her and her husband are having issues. I REALLYYY hate it when someone is constantly in my personal space like that. FUCK OFF! I really cringe at the thought of having to go to my nice office because she literally sits close to me. UGHHHH!!!!!!

Last week I had drinks with my old team in SF. So after being annoyed by this bitch, stressing out about work and my health, and etc., I definitely needed a drink with some good company. Granted I hardly drink now compared to before, but I had a good amount that night. It was nice catching up with everyone over some good drinks and yummy food. I get really good career advice from them and they understand the struggles that myself and many designers have to deal with. Whenever we get together, I always feel better and really refreshed. I miss this crew and I’m glad we still get together when we can.


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