Midnight Ramblings

I’ll be up late tonight to finish up some work before my review for this project. It’s not much work but I still feel overwhelmed and feel like there’s still lots to do. I keep getting distracted every time I do some bit of work but I guess there’s some progress. Last Thursday I was up until 3AM doing some work for this same project. I felt like a zombie the next day and that was not fun. Also, my left leg that I’ve had issues with felt really funny. Borderline freaked me out. Tried to calm down by going for a walk.

Decided to book a last minute 60 minute foot massage a couple hours before the place closed. My leg was feeling a bit better but I felt really relaxed from that massage. When he worked on my shoulders and back he kept looking at my tattoos and asked me about it. I love my tattoos, but sometimes I wish there was nothing back there because I always get comments and questions about it. Makes me reconsider on even wanting to get my entire back piece done. Anyways, once I got home and showered, I immediately went to bed. I was thinking about waking up early to do more work over the weekend, but opted to sleep in and get some rest. The next morning I was feeling a better but my leg still felt funny. Thankfully by today my leg was feeling much better. I was freaking out if my leg was reacting to a potential side effect from my recent medical procedure. I still hope that’s not the case but will mention it to my doctor at my upcoming follow up appointment.

I had felt pretty down a few days ago and made attempts today to pull myself out of this crazy dark hole that I keep falling into. Did some laundry, went grocery shopping and bought myself some more flowers, cooked myself a nice dinner and went for a walk and attempted to jog too. So far my left leg’s strength is improving but still not 100%. Overall, a pretty productive day. Kinda wanted to get yet another massage, but that’s just getting a bit excessive there. Maybe twice a month would be a nice treat for myself. However, I do feel much more calmer.

For nearly 3 weeks I’ve had this nasty stye turned chalazion on my damn eyelid. I’ve never had one before, I never rub my eyes, I don’t wear contacts, and I’m very good about keeping my makeup brushes clean and tossing out old makeup. The day I was flying back to Cali from Boston, I was doing working pretty much all day at the airport and during my flight. Right when I was about to board, I saw this cute guy that was on my flight and I smiled at him. I got up as I was waiting to board and he came over to me. I was going to get my mack when I got off the flight, but failed. WHY?! Because of the fucking beastly alien growing on my eyelid. Felt like my eyes were getting sore from staring at the screen for so long so I gave my eyes a break. Yet when I touched my right eye it felt so tender and sore. I went into the bathroom and that shit was red. I couldn’t wait to get off of the flight to get home and get a warm compress on this bitch. Plus the stud got away. Le sigh… But good news is that I had decided to go to this local Chinese herbal medicine shop as I was going onto week 2 with the chalazion and picked up this ointment which has helped this damn thing go away for the most part.

Okay enough rambling, I need to get this shit done and go to sleep.


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