Daddy’s Little Girl

For quite some time my old colleague/work mom has been dealing with her ailing father. He’s getting old and just kept getting hurt or sick. The last time I had seen her and when I had asked how her father was doing, she told me he wasn’t doing much better at all and had been diagnosed with cancer. Recently she had gone off to Utah to be with him since his health was just progressively declining. While she was in Utah, she had accidentally FaceTimed me when she meant to contact her brother instead. We chatted very briefly and I had talked to her dad and told him to get better. That was that. Late last night while I was on my phone, I saw her text message informing me that her father had passed away peacefully. I was so shocked and my heart felt so heavy for her. It was crazy that I literally just spoke to him just a few days ago too. I responded back with my condolences and letting her know that I am here for her if anything. This afternoon I ordered her some flowers to be delivered to her since I don’t want to invade her privacy during this difficult time for her and her family.

I felt really sad about her father’s death and it just kept me up all night. I can’t even imagine being in her shoes and to lose my own father, but of course it comes along with getting older. I have a very close relationship with my dad and I’m his little girl as well as his best friend.  It gets me a bit teary eyed to think if anything was to happen to him, but once again it comes with getting older.

The cons of adulting…


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