Rich People Problems

I can be pretty empathetic with most people when it comes to them talking to me about anything. Then there’s that side where I can be a cold bitch and be really blunt about things but that’s a rarity. I only get like that if you are really pressing me with just redundant bullshit. I’ve been quite stressed out dealing with my own shit and I have my way of dealing with it. Granted we all have shit that we’re dealing with and that’s just life. I think everyone is totally entitled to vent just to get it out of their system and that’s fine, but don’t come to me for a pity party because I’ll just be mean and give you a dirty look.

My colleague at work who is in her 50s has her own set of issues. Her topics of discussion can range from Trump, God and her marital issues. All topics that makes me want to bang my head against my desk. Plus, golden rule is to never talk about politics and religion with people. I didn’t mind being a lending ear here and there, but she pushed me pretty hard when she tried to get me to go to church since she’s Christian. Seriously, WTF? I have respect for all religions, but fuck off and respect mines as well. I’ve had a pretty bad experience where an ex-friend of mines tried doing this shit to me which led me to flip out on him and kicked his ass out of my car. That’s how mean I can be. But this lady is pretty sensitive and I have to deal with her at work so I’m not going to go bat shit crazy on her. That moment made me very uncomfortable and it just made me look at her in a different light from then on.

Next thing she tends to talk to me about is her sister who happens to have leukemia. Despite the diagnosis that her sister and my mom has is entirely different, I know how hard it is. It’s a very stressful and difficult to deal with especially to know that your loved one is sick. From day one of my mom’s diagnosis I’ve never treated her like a cancer patient and I never made the situation about me because it’s not about me EVER. However, my colleague keeps making her sister’s disease about HER. Seriously, I should slap you for being so selfish. She had plans to go to Hong Kong to take care of her sister and prior to me leaving to go to Boston to take care of my mom, she came over to my desk venting and started crying. At this point I’m pretty anxious and stressed out myself. The last thing I need is for someone to come at me with this boo hoo bullshit. I calmly said to her that “I get it that it totally sucks to see your sister hurting, but imagine the shit that she has to deal with and the on going treatments that she has to go through. You are still able to drive your nice BMW, go out to eat a nice meal, go shopping, work a great job, etc. It’s seriously not about you so stop it.”  At that moment, I was pretty relieved that I was going to be in the office for awhile to deal with her shenanigans and by the time I get back, she was going to be off to Hong Kong…

Until this jackass text messaged me while I was in Boston. She texted me at 3:00AM EST (12:00PM PST). I woke up really angry. She had texted me asking when am I coming back and told me she cancelled her trip and that her sister will have to go through some kind of aggressive treatment. Girl, for real?…WHY THE FUCK ARE TELLING ME THIS?!!!! I was so pissed because there she went again…making the situation about her. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Whether you like it or not how someone’s treatment is going to be, why the fuck would you let them go through it alone? This is where I’m not so empathetic with her. I would never ever ever ever ever EVERRR leave my mom alone like that regardless how serious her treatment got. It just made me so angry that she kept asking when am I coming back when really she needs to get on that plane and be there with her sister. Texting a friend is the last thing I’d be doing if I was in her shoes. I seriously fucking hate people that do shit like that. I’ve never felt so annoyed with anyone venting to me about shit but with her because I feel like she’s whining and nagging in her nice big house with her nice BMW and etc. Fucking bullshit rich people problem. UGH!

I’m starting to keep me healthy distance from her because I just can’t deal with her stupid bullshit especially for a grown ass adult. Get it together bitch. SMH…


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