Refreshing Acquaintance

I had recently gone to Portland for the first time, which I might blog about it when I get the chance. During my last day in Portland, I decided to go to the Japanese Garden regardless if it rained or not. That morning when I woke up, I noticed that it was bright in sunny so I quickly got ready for breakfast so I could beat the rain. Well that failed. After I finished my breakfast at a restaurant near my hotel, I started pouring. I just sucked it up and requested an Uber anyways. A little rain wouldn’t hurt and plus I really wanted to walk off the breakfast that I had.

When I had arrived to the Japanese Garden, the rain had died down a bit which I was happy about so I could take pictures with my camera. I took my time walking through the place since I wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere. I really wanted to get familiar with my new camera and make more use of it while I was there. There were moments that I’d have to sit down because it was either raining again or I was just tired. During the moments that I was sitting down, I’d go through the pictures that I had just taken to see if I liked the shot or not and take advantage of retaking any photos if I had to.

As I was reaching towards the end of the garden and taking some final photos of this one spot in the garden, I decided to take a seat on a bench under this structure. While sitting there I was just enjoying the view while browsing through my camera. At one point I looked up and noticed this guy was taking a photo of the structure where I was sitting under. I felt a bit awkward being in this guy’s photo, but I really didn’t care enough to get up and move haha. I continued going through my camera and noticed he was going to sit next to me. He asked if it was okay and I said sure. As I was looking like a total hot ass mess with my hair that got frizzy and gross from the rain, he said something to me. Honestly can’t recall what he said, but we started chatting. I learned it was both our first time in Portland and he was also from SJ, so that was cool.

He continued to make his way through the garden and I decided to head towards the gift shop. While I was dorking it up in the gift shop and debating on the items that I was about to purchase, came walking in that guy. We chatted again and I introduced myself to him since we were bumping into each other again. He walked out again and I decided it was time to leave since I really wanted some coffee. When I made my way down the exit, he got there the same time as me and noticed that I was about to request an Uber and offered me a ride since we were headed towards the same direction. Rule of thumb is to never take a ride from a stranger. Well I kinda said fuck it, and accepted his offer lol. Plus I thought to myself that I could totally kick his ass if he tried something and he genuinely seemed harmless so whatever.

As we chatted, he had asked if I was traveling alone and I was as well as himself. We were getting to know each other a bit and we were both planning to go to this arcade bar later that night too. As my destination was approaching and I was about to get out of the car, I gave him my business card to hit me up so I can buy him a drink in order to thank him for the ride. Hours went by and I had finished grabbing dinner. Still no word from him about meeting up or anything. Also, I’m an idiot that failed to get his contact info since I was really tired and wanted to get out of the car to get that coffee lol. I didn’t really care to go to this spot, but it was extremely close to my hotel and no harm in getting out for just a bit. When I walked in, I checked out the place and what games were there. I was making my way up the stairs to continue checking out the place and suddenly I felt a tap on my arm. It was him making his way down. I honestly didn’t expect to run into him at all.

We walked down and chatted. I didn’t bring it up that he didn’t hit me up because it wasn’t a big deal. I told him I only came to play Street Fighter, which is my all time favorite game. I can talk a lot of shit about how wonderful my skills are in this game aka press all of the buttons haha, so he told me to challenge the guy that was currently playing. I felt a bit embarrassed if I made myself look like an ass, but it’s literally just a game. I played the guy and it was really fun. Turns out I kicked his ass 4 times and stole his quarters, too haha. After I was done playing with that stranger, he wanted to play me…only for me to get my ass kicked by him. Sighs haha.

I didn’t care to stick around much longer and same for him since he was there for awhile. I asked him if he wanted the drink that I owe him, but he had to get up early the next day to drive back to SJ. I was more alert and got his contact info after he mentioned he has mines to hit me up for a drink back in SJ. After stepping outside, he offered to walk me back to my hotel which was really nice of him. We had a nice chat during the very brief walk back to my hotel. When we arrived, I thanked him and we parted ways. While on my flight back to SJ, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he texted me to let me know that he was back home and checked to see if I was back yet. That put a smile on my face. Since returning to SJ, he’s been texting me and we’ve been chatting everyday.

I’m not expecting anything to happen between us whether it’s just a friendship or more. I enjoyed his brief company during my travels and our text messages. It was just refreshing to meet an actual nice guy for once that wasn’t looking to just fuck me or yet alone meeting someone at a bar or something. I was just this disheveled looking girl going through her camera and minding her business.  Anyways, nothing like getting hit on in mother nature though haha. There was something about that Portland air. 🙂


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