The Little Things

I’m going through this weird down moment and it’s been a bit of a struggle for me to snap myself out of it. I just don’t feel like myself and all I want to do is sleep all day in bed. BLAH!!! I remember Thursday night I was really down and had a hard time going to sleep. With the little hours of sleep that I managed to get, I already felt so frustrated with myself because I knew I wouldn’t be as productive since I was really tired. Before I got out of bed, I did my usual routine in bed of checking my emails and browsing through Twitter.

I had checked Instagram since I saw a notification and noticed that my friend sent me a message. I had met B a couple years ago when I had first moved here. Really friendly and talented guy. This guy has a really awesome voice and can play multiple instruments. I remember he had invited me to this open mic night and this guy was legit a one man band with singing, playing the trumpet, keyboard, and I forget what else. It was really impressive, plus he teaches at a music school. So, there was this one time where he had asked to borrow my DSLR and I was cringing so bad to even consider letting him borrow it for a video shoot. The video shoot had featured the students that he was teaching and they have a band and waned to shoot a music video.

After all of his begging and pleading, I gave in. Plus, I kinda felt like a jerk if I was the person preventing the kids from shooting a music video. He was very careful with it and returned it in a timely manner. I got to see the final product and even got mentioned in the video which was pretty cool. Since then I hardly ever see him and we tend to run into each other randomly especially at coffee shops when I’m doing work or reading. I had woken up to this message from him and honestly, it really made the start of my day really good:


For as long as I’ve been a designer, one of my goals is to try my best to inspire and motivate others. I share design related articles about collaboration or whatever is happening in the design scene, handy assets that other designers can use in their work, etc. I know how hard it was for me to get that drive much earlier on in my career and I was hungry to connect with other designers. I’ve always been very humble since I had struggled and worked so hard to get myself to where I am at now.

This message just really meant a lot to me especially during this design funk that I’m in right now. I’m glad that I was able to help B out and to have made an impact. That is just one of the most rewarding things in life and it just reassures me that I am doing something right as a designer and person. During my days like today where I feel like “I suck”, I just read this message to cheer myself up. Sometimes we just need to be told that we’re awesome.


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