Good Day

I was still feeling a bit low after writing my previous post about my career. Today was kind of a rough day at work. I just felt so incapable and I felt my confidence as a designer decreasing. After my meeting, I found myself sitting at my desk at home with my face in my palms and I started crying. I felt so frustrated with myself. I’m just being hard on myself because I know I can do better and I can’t pull myself out of this “design funk”.

Luckily tonight I had plans to go to SF to grab drinks with an old colleague, TN from my previous team. It was definitely much needed time to get out and get some much needed drinks. We didn’t get to go to the usual bar that my old team loves for my birthday, which is this Japanese whisky lounge. Man, if they built a bedroom at this place I’d totally live there. It’s a pretty chill and laid back place. Great whisky selection, fresh sashimi, and I love their music selection. This place is literally my drunken sanctuary haha.

Prior to meeting up with TN I decided to grab some food from this good Mexican spot near my old job. Since I didn’t have time to grab lunch earlier that day and I had got to SF quite early, I figured I should eat something legit especially if I’m going to drink. I used to get the fish and chip burrito at this spot and YES, I said fish and chip burrito! It’s so yummy, but damn I feel like I’d have to spend a whole day at the gym to work that off. I opted for something light and quick (that’s what she said haha), so I got the fish taco and a shrimp taco. As I waited while sipping on my water and snacking on the free chips and salsa, I didn’t realize my TWO simple tacos was taking awhile. The staff took notice and turned out the newbie that was in training forgot my order. They put my order in immediately and also refunded me my money. I told them that I wasn’t mad and it was okay, but they felt bad for making me wait so it was the least they could do. YAY TO FREE TACOS!

Finally got to their bar and caught up with TN. We share similar music interests. When we used to work together we used to constantly share songs with each other on Spotify. Now, not as often but here and there we’ll share something. We both really enjoy this singer name Alina Baraz. I LOVE her music. Both of us failed to go to her show the last time she was in SF and she happened to be performing down the street from my old job. Tonight, he told me that Alina Baraz is coming to SF and I’m like “what?!!!”. I immediately looked up the tickets on my phone and decided to just deal with it when I got home. I noticed that tickets were sold out. Originally tickets were $20, but I’m the nut case that paid a little more, but whatever. She’s worth it and I’m happy with my spontaneous purchase. Can’t wait to see her perform!

Overall, a semi bad day turned good. I feel much better after I got myself out of the house and having all those things happen. I’m still giddy from those little things. 🙂


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