Teeth Clenching

I had gone to the dentist a few months ago to get some dental work done because I was grinding the shit out of my teeth. Lately I noticed that my jaw was hurting again and came to realization that I’ve been clenching my teeth really bad. I catch myself doing it quite often, but it’s gotten painful to even drink water. WTF? I bought a night guard to prevent myself from clenching my teeth both when I’m awake and asleep. After I was close to finishing making the night guard, I was gagging when I was wearing it. It was so uncomfortable. Immediately tossed it in the trash and I really don’t want to go through that again.

Really hoping I don’t have to resort to using that shit again as I’m waiting for my close friend’s dental advice. This sucks and my jaw hurts…

  1. It took awhile for me to adjust to the night guard too. But let your dentist know that the previous one was too uncomfortable. I have to get a new one. The one I have has a crack from biting too hard.

    • Connie said:

      Yeah, just got back from the dentist. Hopefully my new one will be much better.

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