Dreading the Doctor

I haven’t seen a doctor in a long time. Horrible, I know. Like most people, we all dread it because it’s a pain in the ass and no good news ever comes out during these appointments. However, I’m noticing some things in my health and I’m concerned. I’ve come to a realization that I need to see an actual doctor because no matter how often I go see my chiropractor, getting poked with needles by my acupuncturist, or how much medicine I take, I cannot fix it. I can’t self diagnose myself anymore and guess what’s the appropriate remedy. I’ve been so stubborn to go and at this rate with how much bad news has come my way this past year, might as well go to the doctor and get it over with. I’m not taking as good care of myself as I should. I’ll take a few steps forward when I try, but when I stop I feel like I’m back at start again. As 2016 is gradually coming to an end, this is my way of prepping for 2017…even if I have the baggage of bad news to carry into the upcoming new year. I’m not getting any younger and my health is my priority right now. I have a lot of anxiety for what news the doctor will tell me tomorrow. Maybe it will be nothing or maybe there will be something. I really won’t know until I go. I’m terrified and my stress is increasing.

I can only hope that tomorrow will be a better day.


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