Impromptu Photo Adventures

I know my recent posts has been depressing and blah, but here’s one that isn’t. I’ve been very unhappy and now I’m just so numb from the bad news. I’m so exhausted from feeling sad and angry. I just want a break. Over the weekend I had planned on staying in, relax, maybe run some errands. I assumed that having time to myself would’ve made me feel better. Probably not. I woke up on Saturday morning to a text from PW, a friend of mines from Boston that lives in Cali. We haven’t hung out in a long time and I can’t even recall the last time we hung out. It was probably almost 2 years ago. Anyways, he hit me up and asked what I was up to. He told me he was heading down to Big Sur to take pictures with his new camera and asked if I wanted to join. I was literally still rolling around in bed until he told me I had 15 minutes to get ready since he was already on the road and close by. I legit brushed my teeth, threw on whatever, grabbed my DSLR and threw whatever in my bag.

As much as I wasn’t in the mood to really socialize, the thought of driving down to Big Sur and taking photos sounded very relaxing. It was my second time in Big Sur, but I haven’t had the chance to go to Pfeiffer Beach so I figured why not. During the car ride we did some catching up. He was apologetic for not hanging out with me and I was as well. As he shared a bit of his sadness with me, I dropped my news on him. I just kept staring out the window when I told him what has happened with me and I got really quiet to resist from crying. He grabbed my hand to reassure me that everything will be okay. I wanted to cry from him comforting me, but I held back. In that moment we were two friends, catching up and bonding over our own sadness. We were going to make this mini road trip an awesome day and to put our sadness aside.

We made our first stop at Bixby Bridge and took some photos…except he failed and drove over the bridge lol. He decided to hike down this little trail and I was honestly scared he was going to fall down into the Pacific Ocean. Since I’m an absolute wimp, I just took so photos and was taking in the scenery while I was waiting for him to come back up. Our next stop was Pfeiffer Beach, but too bad the parking lot was full so we went to check out Pfeiffer Falls. We spent a lot of time there taking photos and since PW had recently gotten the Fujifilm X100T, he was messing around with that. After taking photos of the scenery, we spent a LONG time taking selfies with his new camera lol. It was embarrassing yet entertaining. I’m pretty sure there’s more pics of us together than the scenery haha.

As sunset was approaching, we decided to go back to Pfeiffer Beach. At this point a lot of people left so there was plenty of parking. I have to say driving down to where Pfeiffer Beach is was pretty scary. You drive down this really steep road and then 2 miles of a really narrow road. So glad I wasn’t the one driving. When we finally parked and made way walking towards the beach, I got really excited. It was absolutely beautiful. While taking many photos of this gorgeous place, I felt so calm. I took a break and sat down on the sand, holding my camera and was just taking everything in. I felt this sense of reassurance as if everything will be okay.

During the drive home, I thanked PW many times and how much this all meant to me. Since we didn’t get to eat much throughout the day, I treated him to dinner. We were going through our photos and he shared with me the photo that this stranger at Pfeiffer Falls helped take for us. It was a really nice picture and we started joking around about it by coming up with hashtags haha. It was pretty funny and I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile. It was one of those laughs where your stomach starts hurting and you get teary eyed. It was refreshing. After going through PW’s camera at dinner, I was convinced I should buy it…which I ended up doing when I got home. I had looked into getting it before but was hesitant. He told me the great deal he got it for and it was still on sale, so I kinda bit the bullet. What an expensive friend to have…

The next day I thought I was going to stay in because I was extremely tired…only to wake up to PW’s text message telling me to wake up lol. He kept saying how nice the day was and asked me to go to SF to go take pictures again. I eventually caved in and told him I need another hour of sleep and I needed to charge my camera’s battery. I picked him up and we grabbed a quick bite in Chinatown in Oakland. Afterwards, we went to the Exploratorium since he is a member. It was my first time there and wish we had more time to check things out. When the museum closed we just lingered around the Embarcadero, did some people watching, took some more pics. We waited for the sun to set so we can take pictures of the Bay Bridge.

Overall, I’m glad PW managed to get me out of the house during this difficult time. I’m also glad he helped me rekindle my interest in photography again. I’m glad he’s my photographer buddy and I’m looking forward to shooting more. I’m pretty excited about my new camera, too!



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