Never Ending

I really feel like I’m getting played. I seriously feel like I’m going to lose my shit. So much bad news and I can’t handle it anymore. Tonight’s news couldn’t have broken my heart anymore than it is already. When will the bad news stop? It’s legit never ending and I’m exhausted. I’m tired of being upset. All I want is for everyone in my life to be happy and healthy. I wish my loved ones wasn’t hurting. I wish it could all be me and not them. Why is this happening to me? I feel the world is against me in so many ways and I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m playing dodge ball with another person and I just keep getting hit with the ball constantly.

Each day I feel like I’m losing myself and it’s getting so hard to stay strong for everyone, even myself. My world is really falling apart. I truly feel as if I did something so wrong and I’m getting punished for it all. I’m begging for everything to please be okay again.


3 thoughts on “Never Ending

  1. i’m sorry my dear 😦 wishing the best for you and that things will work out. life sucks some times, but i hope that things will change for you soon, you don’t deserve this!

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