I did a lot of very bad things starting at the age of 13 like most teenagers would. I started drinking when I was 15. Started off with beer, vodka and soju. Yikes. I didn’t really drink that much during high school compared to college. Of course once college came I was gradually drinking a lot more. When I’d go clubbing I would have lots of drinks and shots. Surprisingly I could hold my liquor and I could even out drink a few of my guy friends. I remember playing several rounds flip cup one on one with this guy at a party. He was drunk and kept talking shit to me so I challenged him lol. With all those rounds we kept playing I kicked his ass and soon enough he was down. I could’ve still kept going but I was super full from chugging all of that beer. Geez, I sound like the female version of Frank the Tank lol.

This post isn’t to brag about my tolerance for alcohol and how much I used to drink. I was a total party girl in my past, but I’ve realized that I’m not that fond of drinking anymore. I used to buy some beer or wine to have in stock in case I needed a drink after a long day at work. The last time I even did that was almost 3 years ago. Honestly, I really don’t enjoy drinking by myself. It’s borderline depressing for me. I’d rather have a drink with some company. I used to go out to drink a lot with my old team and those were definitely fun times. Now I can do without a drink. I used to see myself more as a social drinker and now I’m just more of an abstainer. Since I’ve been trying to take a lot better care of my health, I don’t mind cutting out the alcohol.

Is this what happens when you get old? Haha


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