My mom and I generally don’t have much to talk about when we call each other. When I call every day, I just want to know how her day went and if she ate well. I know there’s a lot of things she holds back and doesn’t share with me. I kinda sorta don’t blame her, but tonight I wished she kept this to herself.

We were chatting about family related topics and it wasn’t anything negative at all until she started saying “I don’t know if I should tell you this, but I’ll tell you another time.” I was like, “girrrrrrrl, you better tell me right now!” And yes I called my mom “girl” haha. Anyways, she tells me that my oldest cousin EC from my dad’s side was talking shit about her. Saying how it’s my mom’s fault that my dad has lost a lot of weight, making comments about how miserable my mom is, and overall how my mom isn’t a good person. How do I not get pissed off when my mom has to share this with me? My mom isn’t confrontational at all. She’s very reserved and has good intentions, but she didn’t do anything wrong for this stupid bitch to say anything about her. Luckily my uncle stood up for my mom and said something.

I’m still so mad about it and can be very stubborn and hot headed. The fact that I’m not there to protect my mom makes me feel so useless and even more angry. I would love to drag that stupid bitch out in the street, beat the shit out of her and make her apologize for disrespecting my mom like that. I don’t give a fuck if we are family or not. I don’t like anyone crossing the line with loved ones. Just the nerve this stupid bitch had. Arghh!!! I look forward to my next visit home so I can smack the shit out her. Mind you she’s a lot older than me and should know better. Fucking bitch.

I got teary eyed the more my mom was venting to me about a few other things. I got progressively angrier the more she had shared and it was hard for me to stay calm. It’s not her fault and she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. I hate my father’s side so much because each and every one of them are horrible people. Horrible isn’t even the best word to describe them. Fuck them all. At the end of our conversation she kept saying to me how she doesn’t like sharing these things with me because of my temper. She mentioned how she has to keep biting her tongue and I felt so sad for her. I reassured her that I am going to try my best to make things better for her. It really makes me upset knowing all of the bullshit that she has to tolerate. I told her how all of my hard work out here in Cali isn’t just for me, but for her as well except it’s taking me some time.

I want to give her a better and happier life.


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