Year Three

July 12, 2016 marked my 3 years living here in Cali. I’m still surprised that I’m still here or that I’m even here at all. The 3 years definitely came by really fast. A lot has happened since I’ve been here and I’d like to say its all been for the better than the worst despite some of the bullshit that I’ve dealt with along the way. Since I don’t visit home much, I’m still homesick. I’ve only visited a total of 4 times. I’m hoping that once I get settled with this new job I can visit home more often. I was looking into visiting home maybe late this summer or early fall for a week, but to mainly see my parents. We speak every day and my dad is always asking when I’ll come home. I feel bad when I have to tell him I don’t know because I really don’t know. Hopefully soon. *crossing fingers*

I remember last July my previous manager and  my team from my last job had set up a Design Offsite. Pretty much we were shooting the shit around the Botanical Garden at Golden Gate Park. It was fun but we had very important discussions about the team’s future in the organization. Thinking back to that time, it was truly the last time we were an actual team. I was even cool with my POS manager before she got promoted. Having to have left the company on the terms that I did, it’s really sad to see the before and after effects of my previous manager leaving along with a couple other people on my team leaving. Granted I’m still quite sensitive to leaving the job and adjusting to my current one, my old team still remains supportive. I remember on my first day at my new job they texted me wishing me good luck and they’ve been checking on me. I really appreciate their friendship and kindness.

Besides work life, my dating life is boring. I’m just not into the guys here. I’ve had too much going on for someone to even catch my attention. I was talking to R for a bit a couple months ago, but he was mad annoying and clingy as fuck. I couldn’t handle that. I had met CS at a design event and didn’t even want to go on a date with him. My work mom LY insisted that I gave it a try and I did, but I was glad to get it over with. CS wasn’t for me and generally ‘vanilla bean isn’t my flavor’. That’s my polite way of saying ‘I’m not into white guys’ haha. I’m focused on taking care of myself right now and in no rush to meet anyone at the moment.

I haven’t had too many visitors from back home, but when I did it was nice. My close friend MH got to join me in my trip to Seattle. KH and I met up in Phoenix for the Lantern Fest. I got to meet up with my college friend DN really last minute for lunch. Most recently LN came to visit me with her hubby since she was out here visiting family around Sacramento. As nice as it is to have visitors, if any, I’d like to be back in Boston and kick it there with my friends. It’s really weird to be out and about here in Cali when my friends come visit. It’s just not natural or something. I hope to see my friends soon.

I found my 3rd year here to be probably my biggest struggle. Granted I’ve always been pretty independent, but this time around I felt even more on my own. It’s definitely made one of the biggest impact in my life. I find each year getting a bit more interesting. As for how long I’ll continue on staying here, I still have no idea. It remains the open ended question and it’s been on my mind a lot. How much longer do I stay here? Should I buy a place back in Boston? Should I move to Seattle? Blahhhh!!!!

For now I’m enjoying everything while it lasts.


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