My Chiropractor

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been seeing my chiropractor since March. It was my first time ever going to a chiropractor so I didn’t know what to expect. She’s this really nice Chinese lady that’s in her 40s. Every time I go we have great conversations. When I first started going, we were getting to know each other on a personal level since she’s very easy going. It didn’t take me long to find out some personal things about her, like how she was divorced and how messy that whole situation was. I felt really sad for her. The way she was judged by others AT CHURCH while going through her divorce and how her ex-husband treated her. It sounded really awful. I don’t blame her to be the way she is and how she doesn’t have many friends. Luckily she’s remarried now to a really nice guy who works at her office.

We both have a similar background with our families: parents owning a Chinese restaurant in a beach town and getting forced to help there haha. It was nice connecting with her in that sense. Usually our conversations are about girly topics like makeup, handbags or boys haha. It’s like legit girl time when I come in. One time we were talking about false eyelashes and how we both kinda collect them for special occasions. She got up and gave me A LOT of false eyelashes to bring home and during my next session I gave her some of my favorites. What an odd yet nice beauty swap haha. Another time when we talked about handbags, she mentioned how she was looking for a nice yellow one and I told her how I have one and she insisted that I bring it in to show her haha.

I had learned that she was born and raised in Seoul. Her family is Chinese, but just happened to live in South Korea because of her dad’s job. I thought it was interesting that she can speak both Chinese and Korean. During one of my visits where I was her first patient for the day, she got there late…because she was picking plums from her brother’s backyard that morning lol. She asked if I like plums and I do, so then she hands me a huge Ziplock bag with my name on it of freshly picked plums haha. It was a very sweet gesture. I ended up having to bring some of those plums in for my colleagues because there was no way I could eat all of it.

My last couple of visits has been seeing her dogs. They’re super cute. Her husband got a German Shepard puppy named Cookie. She was so fricken adorable. I was picking up her up and hugging her like she was stuffed animal. Ah, so cute! The following week later I came in and asked where Cookie was and turned out Cookie passed away. I was like WTF?! I just saw her last week and she was gone. Turns out Cookie got sick and the doctor couldn’t figure out what was wrong after she took some tests. One of her patients mentioned of a German Shepard that needs a home so she decided to take this dog in. Her name is Sam and I’ve never seen a German Shepard like her with a coat that is really light tan almost white with black. Beautiful dog, but very goofy behavior haha. I thought it was very nice of her patient to have mentioned this dog to her.

My chiropractor has a bit of wacky office hours, which I never really questioned. I figured she might have another office elsewhere or whatever. I never bugged her about it  because it’s literally down the street from my place so it’s not like it’ll take me even 10 minutes to get there.  During my last session I found out about her posted hours. She told me about how when she was younger and of course dealing with crazy Chinese parents who wants their kid to do extremely well on a test, her grade wasn’t that great. It wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t up to par for her parents, especially her dad. Her dad hit her arms with a stick really hard when she was 12 and since then she is in a lot of pain from that incident. I felt so awful for her especially when she describes the pain that she deals with now. She mentioned how a couple patients think she’s lazy because of her work hours, but now it makes sense. She’s an incredibly nice woman and it was so sad to hear that she can’t work long hours because of what her dad did to her.

With all of the good along with bits of the bad stories that we share with each other, I feel like she’s getting a therapy session when she talks to me. I don’t mind it at all. It’s interesting how we’re helping each other in so many little ways.


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