Goodbye Debt?

Since I failed by taking a nap earlier, I’m still awake and have this tendency of looking at my finances quite often. I’m doing fine right now and nothing is alarming. After rebalancing everything, I could be debt free by the end of this year or early next year. Holy shit, what?!$??#@%? lol. A large amount of my debt is student loans along with my car payment and a couple credit cards. With this new job and the huge salary increase will allow me to pay off my debt much sooner than I thought. I’m just super shocked by this and I feel relieved knowing this. I knew I was going to be able to pay everything off in the next 2 years and luckily before I turn 30, but damn!

Buying property has been on my mind a lot. I’ve been browsing online at property around the Bay Area and it’s freaking me out a bit. Why? Because I will be a fully committed Californian resident by doing this. Before moving out here, I was ready to start investing in property back in Boston…but then I decided to buy a new car and my ass moved out here which wasn’t a part of the plan during the time I had bought my car. At the time I was torn about buying a place or buying a new car in Boston. If I bought a new car I wouldn’t be as committed to staying. If I bought property it would be a great investment, but then it would be harder for me to move out of state and I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of renting it out. Fuck that.

I have a general idea of what kind of place I want to buy along with the location. I spent last weekend browsing at places online and things I need to know about being a first time homebuyer. I’ve even created multiple Pintrest boards as to how I want to decorate my future home. I really miss having my own place. I’ve been debating on continuing to rent or to buy. Also, I am considering to take on my parent’s mortgage payments. If I continued renting and pay my parent’s mortgage, it would be doable. If I took on my own mortgage along with theirs, I might lose my shit. I really want to be able to help my parents in any way that I can. It is a goal of mines to help them pay off their mortgage, which they’re not aware of at all. I really want them to understand that I am doing well, that I can take care of myself as well as them even from afar. I told myself I can only do this after I paid off my debt first. Just so much to think about.

Ahhh…too much adulting!!!


3 thoughts on “Goodbye Debt?

  1. That’s great that you want to help your family pay off the mortgage! Even if they don’t quite know. I’m in the same boat. I’m working to help them pay off their mortgage and then I’ll move on to other finances that they have. I don’t have as many things to pay off as you, but our mindset is still there 🙂

  2. It’s great that you can pay off all your loans within 2 yrs. I also commend you for wanting to help out with your parent’s mortgage. They may refuse so you’ll probably have to figure out a way to help out with other expenses.

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