Coping with Cleaning

With the departure of leaving my job, I’ve been a bit more quiet. I haven’t really spoken to anyone since I’m still fairly sad about leaving. As my work mom had checked to see how I was feeling, I told her how that I felt numb and my way of coping with things sometimes is through peace and quiet. I just didn’t want to talk about it anymore because I know I’ll get upset. With a whole week off before I start my new job, I’ve been in the mood to declutter my room. Honestly, my room looked like a hot ass mess. I’m generally very organized and clean but I legit had so much crap everywhere and things were out of place. I was in a slump and  I’ve been trying to pull myself out of that hole.

The past couple of days I finally got my shit together and decluttered everything. I wrote up a list on a post-it of what I needed to get done. I reorganized my closet and got rid of some clothes to donate. I organized my desk and the piles of paper and junk that sat there forever. I spent a lot of time cleaning my floor. I generally sweep my floor often since it gets so dusty in my room, but I sweep it and mopped it. Basically heavy duty cleaning was going down. I still have my night stand and book case to work with. I have a lot of design books that I brought back from work and now it’s overflowing my book case at the moment and need to get that handled ASAP. For the most part everything is mad clean and tidy. Everything on the shelf in my closet is neatly folded and things that need to be hung up are. After I get through the last 2 things on my list, I told myself I’m going to treat myself to some fresh flowers for my desk.

I felt in some ways this was a cleanse. There’s a sense of relief and the need of wanting to start things on a clean slate since I start my new job tomorrow. I didn’t want to be buried in those emotions from my last job and have it hindering in my room anymore. No bueno. The past 6 months has been very hard on me and I just want to let go of all the bad energy. I’m trying to get myself back together and to really take care of myself.

I just want a fresh start. Tomorrow will be a better day.


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