The Hapa from the Past

Almost 3 years ago when I had first moved to Cali, I had met AJ. We met a few months after I had moved to Cali. I thought AJ was really cute and we had pretty good chemistry. AJ is Korean and White…so cute! lol. It’s rare for me to say that about a guy. But he’s really good looking, played college football and almost made it into the NFL but got injured, and also he passed his board exam when we met so he was a lawyer. Seriously, I felt like I hit jackpot when I met him lol. Great looking guy, smart, funny, etc. With my luck with men, things didn’t work out. I actually liked him and haven’t felt so “smitten” by someone in awhile during that time so it was all very refreshing.

Things didn’t end on bad terms between us, which was whatever to me. I remember months had gone by and he had texted me randomly for a quick consultation for some design work but it never went anywhere. Then he randomly added me on Yelp and later on LinkedIn, which I’m like “hmmm??”. With those connections, he never said anything to me nor did I say anything to him. I remember AJ and I met up at this coffee shop that I like in SJ when we were first talking. There was a lot of flirting and I even got shy at one point lol. I get kinda weird around guys I like haha. So this past Mother’s Day, AJ texted me out of the blue. I didn’t have his number anymore since 2 years has gone by, but I was pretty surprised that he still had mines. He texted saying “Happy Mother’s Day! I’m over by that one coffees shop in SJ and wanted to say what’s up”. I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out who it was until I realized it was him haha. Not many messages were exchanged during that time he texted me…until 2 weeks later. I was working from home and noticed he was texting me and I just thought, “what do you want…?” lol. I’ve been quite irritable and stressed out with work so I just had no time to entertain any kinda non sense. We briefly texted each other and he had asked if I’m still in the Bay Area and what I’ve been up to. The last thing he said to me was “Well shoot, I wanted to say what’s up and glad I caught you back 2 weeks later :)”

After not responding to his last message, I was just doing my thing over the weekend. I was up kinda late on Saturday night watching whatever on Hulu and then ‘BOOM!’. Tell me why the fuck AJ is calling me around 1AM………. lol. When I noticed the phone ringing, I thought maybe he pocket dialed me…but then it kept ringing and I thought “you better not be fucking drunk dialing me” lol. Either way I didn’t pick up the phone. No voicemail or text message followed up with that call, which I was relieved. I know he has a girlfriend, but I don’t think he’s aware that I know. Regardless how cute he is, I’m not gonna fuck around with that especially if he still has a girlfriend. SMH…


3 thoughts on “The Hapa from the Past

    1. It’s a VERYYYYYYY rare moment to ever see me shy. Not even my closest friends have seen that side, besides one of my close friends and her hubby haha. I’ve mentioned in a previous post about having a crush on my friend’s brother last summer haha. I pretty much look like a giddy school girl and get really quiet haha. It’s really embarrassing -_- Til this day, I am still teased about that moment. Sighs… 😦

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