I really feel like a robot now when it comes to work. I had worked every weekend in January and it’s happening here in February. Yesterday or shall I say today was the worst. I worked until 4AM. Had a break around 11PM to give my eyes some rest and to lay down briefly before I went back at it again. I had attempted to wake up at 8AM only to drift back to sleep but then got woken up by a phone call from my dad. Finally got out of bed around 9AM to finish the remaining work that I had left before my 1PM meeting to present my work. Luckily I got it done in time and received great feedback.

I had started feeling nauseous earlier yesterday. Felt a bit car sick when I left the café to head home, which rarely happens. I thought to myself that it was best to reschedule one of my meetings that required me to be in the office to the next day. My colleague was very understanding, which was a relief. The thought of having to sit in my car commuting an hour and some odd minutes along with the nausea was no bueno. When I was wrapping up my work today before my meeting, I felt so nauseous just even being on my laptop staring at the screeen cranking away. The harder and faster I was attempting to get things done, I just felt more sick and exhausted.

After my successful meeting, I immediately turned off my laptop and laid down. I felt so out of it to even leave the house to get some fresh air and it was super nice out today, too. My mind and body felt so confused if I should either be awake or sleeping. I haven’t stayed up that late in years to do work, if ever. Last time I had to stay up late to burn the midnight oil was back in college and I thought those days were over. I thought wrong. I definitely need to rest this upcoming weekend since I wasted the long weekend by overworking myself. I need more rest, exercise and definitely more “me” time. My parents are becoming concerned as to how much I’ve been working. When they speak to me I can barely hold a conversation because I’m practically like a zombie.

I had booked a trip very suddenly a couple weeks ago because I had felt so overworked. I remember feeling so overwhelmed that day and booking this trip had been on my mind. It was definitely one of those “fuck it” moments. The moment I made the purchase I had thought, “Fuck. Am I even going to get to enjoy this mini getaway?”. I had mini regrets on making the purchase since I definitely splurged a lot more for a nice hotel, but whatever. How often do I stay in a nice hotel yet alone go anywhere? Thinking back to it, I don’t regret it and am very much looking forward to it!


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