I’ve been quite bogged down by the chaos at work and it’s been difficult to keep hanging on to it all. Granted my colleagues on my team has been very supportive as we have always been for each other. As exhausted and frustrated as I am, all I wanted is to end my day on a good note.

After a chaotic day at work yesterday and with it being Chinese New Year, I wished for nothing more than to be at home with my parents. I just felt so sad when I came home from work and just wanted to sleep all of it off in hopes that tomorrow would be a better day. While I felt so down, I was catching up with friends and had wished a friend of mines a happy birthday and happy new year. This friend actually works at the nursing home where my grandmother resides and she takes care of her a lot. She’s said kind things about my grandmother which I appreciate and puts a smile on my face. Since it is CNY, she had told me that my grandmother had received red envelopes and helped her deposit the money into her account following up with providing her receipts for the deposit. I know it’s my friend’s job to help her do that, but it made me really happy and then cue the happy tears haha. That gesture meant a lot to me especially hearing about my grandmother’s well-being.

Today I had worked from home since my car was getting it’s routine maintenance. I was practically stranded at home all day. While I was dealing with the stream of morning meetings at home, I heard something slip under my door. It was a red envelope from my landlord. I muted myself on the call and immediately opened the door trying to give the red envelope back to my landlord. They just told me to keep it even though I kept insisting that I’m getting too old to collect things like this anymore. Of course I had to keep it, but that was really nice of them to do that.

Sometimes it just takes the little things to make the day just a little bit better.


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