Treat Yourself

Generally when I feel a sense of accomplishment in my career, I’ll reward myself. It’s normal for anyone to do that for themselves. In the past when I was overworking and not going on any vacations I had upgraded my car because I felt like I deserved it for busting my ass. Nowadays since I can’t just go out and get myself a nice car when something great happens in my career haha, here and there I’ll treat myself to the little things like a new book or a good sushi for dinner. Recently I’ve been wanting to purchase a watch. I haven’t worn a watch since high school and in general I’m not that big on jewelry. Yet for whatever reason this one watch has caught my eye. It’s nothing super fancy or too expensive. Just very minimal and simple like how I like it. I had thought to myself that if something else goes right at work, then this could be a little treat to myself as well as a very early Christmas gift. Well, with the recent good news at work I’ve decided to reward myself with a watch. There’s something about owning a nice watch when you’re older or maybe I’m just “feeling older” haha. I’ve dealt with a lot of stress at work lately and to hear some good news has made me feel very reassured with several things in my life. For me to own this watch acts as a mark of success and further progression in my career. It’s very important to me as weird as it may sound. I’m just happy things are looking up in my career and I can only continue working harder to become more successful.


5 thoughts on “Treat Yourself

  1. Nevermind I found the comment section 😛 I agree, I think its SO important that we treat ourselves from time to time. Especially if we work hard, we deserve it. I’m glad you’re treating yourself! It’s been hard for me in the past to reward myself but it’s not something I overlook anymore.
    Watch pictures asap!!!

    1. When I read your previous comment about posting comments I thought to myself “oh no!” lol. But glad you’re able to comment 🙂 I might or might not post pictures of the watch. I feel weird about it and don’t want to come off like I’m showing off or anything.

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