Pleasant Surprise Pt. 2

Aaliyah – At Your Best (You Are Love)

As angry as I was in my last post as well as these past couple of days, B texted me today and just the little things he said cheered me up. We just had a casual conversation and I was giddy school girl smiling from ear to ear as we continued texting each other. I honestly haven’t been like this in a long time and it’s really refreshing and sweet. It takes a lot for me to like you and I never would’ve thought I’d have such a big crush on someone haha. It was a very pleasant surprise today. I didn’t have to share with him anything that was wrong with me. He has this way of making me feel so at ease regardless of what we’re talking about and it helps me forget about the stupid bullshit. Despite his kindness I still think guys are assholes, but he’s an exception to the rule…for now haha. Do I expect anything to happen between us? No, but I’m really looking forward to my next trip home haha. 🙂


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