Friday Ramblings

I’ve been procrastinating pretty bad with work. I’m a bit far behind on some stuff. What’s worst is I’m lagging on a project that shouldn’t even be taking this long. Get your shit together!!! It was my boss’ birthday yesterday and I was working from home. I had no intentions on going into the office until my colleague sent out an e-mail to our team about an “important meeting” later that evening. I immediately messaged her and asked her what’s the deal. She mentioned it was my boss’ birthday, which was a relief that it wasn’t anything serious haha. I felt bad that I wasn’t in the office and that our team didn’t really get to plan anything for him. So I immediately got dressed yesterday afternoon and went to the store to buy him cupcakes and off to SF I went. Towards the end of the day we surprised him with the cupcakes while playing Kool and the Gang – Celebration as his intro song to walk into haha. Afterwards we went to the nearby bar for quick drinks before I had to go home only to get back to get on a meeting. Despite how short notice it was, it was still fun and I hope he enjoyed it.

I’ve been hesitant on attending my friend’s wedding next month. My reasons: I won’t know anyone there, don’t really want to drive to Stockton, and I’m not extremely close to this couple. I’ve held off on responding with my decision in attending or declining. I partially wanted to ask D to go with me, but it’s been like pulling teeth to get him out in general. I’ve given up on that and decided to attend without him. There’s something about being older now and attending a wedding by yourself. I don’t necessarily feel like I’m obligated to have a date with me, but it just would’ve been nice to have someone else there with me. Oh well…

I’ve already made plans for my birthday, which is months away still. My close friend who now lives in Chicago has been wanting me to visit, but it’s been held off for several reasons. I’ve been to Chicago with her before, but I’m sure she’d appreciate a friend visiting. Not too thrilled about being in Chicago during the winter time, but I’m excited to see her though. I decided to book my trip a week after my birthday in case I decide I want to do something or if anything here for my actual birthday. Dreading the thought of getting older. Blah! But looking forward to my trip though! Obviously I don’t have much winter apparel since I live in Cali now. Luckily I just bought a new winter coat since my all time favorite coat was stolen last year when I was visiting Boston. That’ll be put into good use for my upcoming trip to Boston and Chicago. 🙂

Need to get my health aligned again. Blah! Back pain, knee pain, sleep issues. It’s like the never ending story, sighs. Need to stop procrastinating!

Today I started looking into where to travel for Christmas since I definitely won’t be going back to Boston. Plus, I’ll already be in Boston for Thanksgiving. Been looking into possibly Seattle since I have been wanting to visit for quite some time. Currently looking at some flight and hotel deals. I just don’t want to be home alone during the holidays. It doesn’t help either being far away from my family and friends. If I’m going to be alone during the holidays, might as well spend it out of town exploring somewhere new, right? So we shall see.

Anyways, Happy Friday! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Friday Ramblings

  1. What about Hawaii? I think Christmas would not be a busy time since people are busy going home (wherever their home is). Weather would be good

    1. Hawaii is a place I don’t care for that much. Plus, I’d prefer to go there with a group of friends than by myself. I’d prefer to keep wherever I decide to fly to at least a 2 hour flight max.

      1. Hm the Pacific Northwest is really peaceful but in the winter, it’s kind of depressing. Very cloudy and rainy/snowy/cold but some people like that type of weather. I liked Portland more than Seattle

      2. Seattle feels a little too grungy for me. There are a lot of rambunctious people in the public areas and Portland feels a lot more chill, low-key and friendly.

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