Lack of Fulfillment

I’m pretty relieved that this work week is over. It’s been really hard for me still to get back into the swing of things in the office that I am now behind on some of my work. No bueno. I’m glad that it’s the long weekend, which could help me really get my shit together. I’ve been thinking about what to do with my time. First things first is to get my work done before I can relax and enjoy myself. I legit didn’t do anything today besides check on my juror status and thankfully I didn’t have to go. I’m pretty annoyed with myself that I didn’t do any bit of work today, but I know I’ll get to it…eventually.

As for Labor Day weekend plans, I’ve been thinking about getting a nice hotel with a pool and a room to myself to relax, but we shall see. I’m not really in the mood to drive anywhere far since everyone else will be out on the roads this holiday weekend. If my mood changes, then I’ll head down to Santa Cruz to enjoy the last bit of the summer sun and to get my tan on at the beach. If I decide to stay locally then perhaps I’ll pamper myself and get a haircut since my hair is getting a little out of control, but at the same time I don’t care. I told myself to start running again this weekend to clear my mind, but lacking motivation there. I’ve been in this design slump and thought to myself that here’s the time to really engage and inspire myself again. Another part of me wants to go to the flower shop to decorate my desk and to declutter my room again…even though there isn’t much in my room already.

My mind is scattered. Whatever it is that’s going on in my mind, I’m craving for a change of some sort or something. I just don’t feel fulfilled anymore. I guess right now I’m going to take advantage of this long weekend to sort my thoughts out, but I don’t expect myself to come to a resolution. I just need to get my ass back on track with life.


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