Pleasant Surprise

I’m still currently in Boston and my trip is close to coming an end after I go visit my parents. It’s been a very eventful yet hectic trip so far, but also quite interesting in its own ways as well. It all started with the day that I had arrived. I’ve been staying with my close girl M since I’ve arrived. There wasn’t really any plans for the day that I arrived besides myself trying to get some sleep from the brutal red eye flight and to work remotely. M had mentioned my friend T and his family is having a bbq. I haven’t seen T since I moved to Cali so I was totally up for seeing him. Turned out T’s older brother B that I never met was going to pick us up. I’ve known T for years, but oddly I’ve never met his brothers. Once B arrived, I immediately thought that he resembled T in so many ways. They look so much alike, voice is the same, but both different personalities. He was quite the gentlemen to open the car door for me. During the entire drive to their family’s house we chatted a lot. We definitely clicked right away.

Once we had arrived to B’s house, him and his family were very hospitable. Extremely nice family. I sat there quietly and B kept asking if I wanted something to drink and making sure that I was comfortable. We talked some more amongst ourselves until a couple more guests came by. Soon we headed inside and I grabbed a random seat. He was glad to sit next to me haha. We had a great round table discussion with everyone. Lots of serious along with lots of funny topics. It varied from talking about politics, sports, travels, and odd silly things haha. It was refreshing to sit with a group of people and talk freely about anything without it getting into an argument. Completely judgement free. That’s the shit I miss about Boston. Go to Cali and talk about majority of the shit we talked about and people get all butt hurt about it. Anyways, what had caught my eye the most was that during the various discussions that we were having, I noticed how B was very knowledgable about A LOT of things. Not in a sense of a “know it all” attitude, but more informative. I found it really attractive because of how smart he was. Plus, he knows how to speak and read Japanese very fluently for a Chinese guy after spending a few years in Japan. My mouth was drooling noticing how smart he was by the minute haha.

Soon B had to drive us back to M’s place. When we got into B’s car, I whispered to M that I thought he was cute right as he was walking around the car to get in haha. We had some more great conversations along the way home. He asked what my plans were for the remainder of my trip. I told him that I had wedding rehearsal and whatnot, which was mainly why I was even back in Boston. Long story short, I got his number and was planning to see him again soon lol. I was being really corny yet semi slick about it. After M and I walked inside I had joked around that my work was done for the day because I got his number haha. I’m really corny and joke around a bit if I’m attracted to you. I was telling another friend that knows T that I was “macking” on

The next day as I was working remotely and rushing to get out the door to my friend’s wedding rehearsal, M told me that B was in the area and was going to come by. I was excited to see him again, but I had 30 minutes before I had to get out the door to catch my train. We chatted for a bit before I had to leave. He asked me again what my plans were for the remainder of my trip and when or if I was going to return to M’s place. Again long story short, he offered to pick me up from my friend’s wedding the next day. I felt bad, but I didn’t mind seeing him again especially with the bits of wedding drama haha. After a chaotic day of bridesmaid duties, B arrived promptly at the time that I had told him to come. I felt kinda awkward for him to see me all dressed up. I’m very laid back in the way I dress and don’t really like to be all dolled up. Once again, a gentleman to open the car door for me. We chatted during the drive back to M’s until I realized that I forgot my purse. Clearly I was in a rush to leave and thought I had all of my belongings. Luckily when I called one of the bridesmaids, my purse was still there and we met up in downtown Boston. While we waited we got to talk more. Finally my purse arrived and we continued the drive back to M’s. I felt so embarrassed and bad that I forgot my purse, but B was really nice about it.

Comes the next day I was close to seeing B yet again lol. Unfortunately he got caught up with other things and wasn’t feeling well. I was kinda bummed that I didn’t get to see him but that’s okay. I spent the day catching up on the sleep that I’ve been deprived of since I’ve arrived in Boston. I had texted B about dinner plans the next day since it was my last day to see friends before I go off to my parents. He came by after his first day at his new job and I just felt kinda giddy haha. M had asked if I only wanted to grab dinner with just him or for M and her husband to join. I said for both M and the hubby to join us haha. When we had arrived to the restaurant, there was a small wait time. We waited outside and as I was standing next to B, stupid M took a picture of us lol. The stupid shit that my friends do to me. B had mentioned if I had any further free time he wanted to take me to this other restaurant. After he said that, M’s hubby kept trying to embarrass me in front of B by insisting that I go stay with B for the night lol. Fricken jackass lol. M took a photo of B and I since we sat next to each other and smiled at me afterwards. Damn these people are embarrassing. When we got back and B left, he had texted me saying he had fun and whatnot.

I know this is a lengthy post just about a guy, but it really has been awhile since I’ve found myself so sparked by someone. Am I anticipating something to happen between us? No. He’s still getting settled back in the US after life in Japan and I’m heavily focused on my career in Cali. Do I hope we stay in touch and get closer? Definitely. He’s very easy to talk to and it’s a comforting for me. I’m sure if you left us somewhere, we could chat it up for hours. Although I did find myself get shy here and there whenever he was teasing me about certain things. It was cute. For now it’s just a little crush, but it was nice to meet a new guy especially to see him as often as I did while I was back. I haven’t met anyone new in Cali for awhile since I’ve been in workaholic mode. Cali guys haven’t really caught my eye, but it was good to know there are still good guys left in Boston haha. It was just a very pleasant surprise during this trip to Boston. 🙂


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