Bitter Friends

This afternoon I went for an unexpected coffee date with a friend that I used to be close to. I was hoping to crank out work since I had a lot due today and a big part of me didn’t want to go. I told myself to just go and get it over with. I haven’t seen R in over a year. We’ve grown distant since my move to Cali due to her social circle. It’s caused a great shift in our friendship and pretty much nothing has been the same between us. It’s kinda sad because of our long history, but shit happens. I don’t see it much as a loss on my end for the decline in our friendship, if so it’s more than hers. Plus I had chosen to distance myself from her since she chose to surround herself with her “friends”.

Anyways, I arrived on time…only to fucking wait 25 minutes for her. Beyond rude. I was getting irritated because she was taking away my time to be productive doing work. I wasn’t that thrilled to see her anyways so the idea of just walking away didn’t really bother me, but I have manners. Finally she arrived and there was this awkward air between us. Not sure if it’s the fact that we haven’t seen each other in awhile or hardly speak, but it was a little uncomfortable. I was nice enough to buy her a cup of coffee even though I was briefly stood up. We found a seat and started off with the generic conversation starters of how are you and what have you been up to. The general topics you have to talk about before you dig deep into the real shit.

Finally we got down to it and discovered her social circle that she was heavily surrounded by is no longer existent. I honestly wanted to laugh in her fucking face and be like “told you so bitch!” lol. My instincts with people is generally on point and with those assholes, it was on point from day one that they were shitty people. As she was talking about them, she had mentioned how she’s grown bitter and I was trying to understand how so. But it was all so transparent. Even as we changed topics, I noticed how clear the film of bitterness has masked her. She definitely wasn’t the same person that I was once close with. I understand with time people will change for either the better or the worst. In her case it was the worst and it was sad to see this sweet, nice girl gone. Despite the distance that has wedged a gap into our friendship, somewhere deep down I still give a fuck. I was always there for her in the past and I actually genuinely cared about her. She was once someone I had considered to be a close friend. However today I really felt like I spoke to a different person that didn’t care about anything or anyone, but herself and sadly her pathetic boyfriend. It’s her own fault for who she has chosen to surround herself with which has clearly made a strong impact on who she is now.

Her pathetic boyfriend has a tendency to “appear”. Granted he’s not invited whenever I have made plans to meet up with her, but motherfucker is always just there. Seriously, bro? Hands down the biggest loser I’ve ever met in my life. I texted my girl C mentioning that I hope R’s boyfriend doesn’t show up. I totally jinxed myself there haha. While R and I were chatting, her pathetic boyfriend showed up. WTF?! lol. Do you seriously not have anything else better to do, but to be here? Fucking idiot and extremely rude. He was being nasty towards me for whatever reason. Not sure what his beef is with me, but you’re a guy so cut that bullshit out. It’s embarrassing for anyone especially a guy to act like that towards a girl. The moment he showed up and along with her bitter attitude I realized that her and I need to have a serious conversation. The caring side kicked in and plus none of this was cool. I was getting mad, but didn’t want to bring up anything in that moment. It wasn’t an appropriate time. I told myself I’d save this conversation for another time. I’m hoping to meet with her again soon to talk about this matter, but I wouldn’t doubt it if the bum shows up yet again. They’re just an embarrassing couple and my mind is just saying, “WTF?” lol.

For now it’s to be continued.


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