Year Two

Today marks my second year living in Cali. Has two years really flown by that I’ve moved here? It’s strange. I still feel like it’s my first year living here. Although my first year was a bit of a nightmare. I have to say year two has done me well. Of course over a period of time it takes things for the dust to settle. Looking back to where I was last year and now, there’s a big difference. I’m in a much better place emotionally than before. I remember how often I cried a year ago and it was very hard on me. Now I’m really enjoying the ride. I’m at a job where I’ve progressed in my career. I’ve accomplished what I wanted to in my career as well. Most importantly I’ve finally found a boss that respects me and values my opinions and for me to be a part of a team that works so cohesively together. That’s the most important thing to me. The paycheck is just a bonus. It’s an awesome feeling knowing how hard I’ve worked to be where I’m currently at.

Whenever I share my story about my move from Boston to Cali, the passion and determination that I have about my career, and to gradually rise to where I want to be people are impressed. I get complimented with being told how brave and ambitious I am. More importantly the respect I get for my hard work and the decisions I had to make to get to where I’m at. That has been very rewarding. I don’t fuck around with it comes to my work. My boss is well aware of it, too. I remember during my phone interview when I had shared with him the story about my move and how I legit up and left, he was ready to hire me because of what I did. It was nice to get applauded by my own boss for doing something scary yet fulfilling. My family and friends over the years has seen me succeed and struggle in my career. But for my current boss and awesome team that I work with to understand my passion and ambition is great. They’ve seen me get teary eyed when things went wrong, or when my ass is tired from the commute but still able to deliver great design and whatnot. When you can witness that side of me, you’ll get a better idea as to who I am. I pull through because I’m very strong willed and determined.

As for my social life, it has improved a bit. I’ve learned that friendships with Californians are practically non-existent. Why you ask? Because they’re all flakey as fuck and hold no loyalty to their friendships. I’m not about that. When I say I’m down for whatever, you best believe that I am. Plus I actually give a fuck about people that I consider my friends. Cali folks are just plain wack. No fucks given if you’re offended or not. It’s the truth. Anyways, it’s been nice reconnecting with my friend from Boston that also moved to Cali during the past couple of months. She understands a lot of the things I’ve dealt with, especially the people. It’s just nice to have someone here to exchange our experiences with each other. She’s exposed me to a few other Boston transplants that she knows, which has been great. I have an even better time with these people because we just understand each other.

Regardless of how long I decide to stay here, Cali will forever be a big transition to me. It’s still hard for me, but things has gotten better. Although my career goals has been accomplished, I hope other aspects of my life will improve as well. I can only hope for the better but all in all things will fall into its place itself. I haven’t forced anything to really happen in my life besides my career. Things aren’t the greatest to my standards, but it isn’t horrible. I’m somehow still on this journey and riding things out. Boston will forever be home to me and I will continue to consider this a long business trip. For now, I’m ready for what else is going to come my way.


2 thoughts on “Year Two

  1. your post made me laugh – im experiencing sort of the same thing. The guy I am seeing is originally from Cali and all his friends are from Cali….and they SUCK. SO. MUCH…..gahhhh, east coast people are more awesome. it’s true. 🙂

    1. Haha I don’t doubt that his friends suck. Cali people are just strange. Majority of them don’t even like each other but hang out with each other. It’s all phony bullshit to me that I refuse to participate in. Hopefully amongst your boy’s group of friends, there might be one good apple in the bunch haha.

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