Me Time

I’ve been extremely over worked this past week. One of my colleagues that I work closely with was on vacation this past week, so I basically had to take on his work load. Generally that’s not an issue, but since one of our other designers is no longer with us the pressure is on me to get the work done. This was a pretty hectic week since I’m bouncing back and forth between two big projects along with two colliding deadlines. My mind was screaming, “FUCK ME!!!” I spent the past week coming into the office at 8am and leaving at 7-8pm. Coming in and staying late wasn’t amongst the only tiresome part of it. My commute wore me out. I had no time to myself when I got home. I was picking up take out for dinner, which I try to keep it to a minimum. By the time after I showered and sit down, I’m borderline falling asleep with my untouched dinner on the side. I had to force myself to stay awake to eat my dinner. I wouldn’t allow myself to go to bed on an empty stomach. Came the next morning it was really hard to get myself out of bed and to beat the morning rush hour. I’d walk like a zombie into the office with my work bag and breakfast in hand to head towards my desk. My colleagues were laughing but concerned at my exhaustion. I had to give myself some time to settle in and wake up before I start cranking work away. Moments like this is where resources are in demand. I managed to deliver my colleague’s work, but fell short on the other project that I’m on. I kinda looked like an ass, but whatever. I made some progress on the work I had shown. Both project owners were understanding of this week’s situation anyways.

I plan on spending my Sunday cranking out some more work. I have a bit more of my colleague’s work left to do, but I need to redirect my focus on the other project. Before I go into crazy work mode this weekend, I legit didn’t do shit the rest of today after I sent off the deliverables. I just laid in bed for awhile, took care of some errands and to end my night I had a 2 hour workout. I feel good again to get a grip of that me time that I’ve missed out on this past week. I got extremely off track with my own life. I’m glad I took a step back today to get some of my own shit sorted out and back to hopefully my regular routine. Tomorrow I plan on going down to Santa Cruz after my workout in the morning. Going to just be a beach bum for most of the day, which I’m looking forward to. Plus, there’s a really good Hawaiian restaurant that serves yummy pokè. It’s about treating myself tomorrow. I work hard and bust my ass. This weekend is actually my girlfriend’s bachelorette getaway and I am a part of that bridal party. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it for several reasons. Although I’m glad I’m not going after dealing with such a hectic work week. The last thing I wanted to deal with was to get on a long flight to Miami, especially being so sleep deprived. No thanks! As much as I’d like to enjoy some beach time fun with the bridal party in Miami, I am very content and excited about my plans for tomorrow. I just want to be alone with some peace and quiet.


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