Uni & Whiskey Farewell Party

Yesterday my team threw a farewell party for one of my colleague’s who will no longer be a part of the team. Despite all the sad news earlier in the week with what’s happening in the company, we still had to do something for him. My boss had asked what we should do for the party. Somehow we decided to get uni and have whiskey haha. It also turned into a Japanese themed party. My boss had removed these Indian movie posters we had hanging and replaced them with these Japanese prints, which were awesome. One of my colleague’s has this newfound connection in getting freshly caught uni so he made arrangements in getting that. Cool part was they prepared it and delivered it to our office. Best thing ever! The night before I was sent to the Asian market to pick up some quail eggs, ponzu sauce, scallions and lots of Japanese snacks. I picked up a bunch of roasted seaweed snacks and crackers.

Also, the day before the party my boss had asked me to put together a poster (kinda sorta) for the event. I’m the go to person that designs a poster for when our team has an event and they’re generally these bright, playful and very funny posters that I put together in less than 5 minutes haha. Although this time required even less effort. I basically had to print out this ninja looking character that my colleague had designed. He only wanted that character printed and nothing else said on the flyer. The only thing that’s on the poster besides the character is ‘Destructive Action Modal’, which is related to some design stuff we did. We didn’t want to draw attention that it’s a farewell party on it and thought it would be funny to confuse people. That was a bad idea lol. As we were about to set up the party, my boss came up to me and told me HR spoke to him. I instantly thought, “oh shit, what did I do?” lol. I guess some people in the company reported the poster to HR and thought something bad was going to happen at the company. Some apparently even Googled the ninja character who also had Japanese writing on the belt. Long story short, people looked too much into it and freaked out especially during this sensitive time in the company. HR had asked my boss who did the poster and he said our team did and went into explaining what it was about. HR laughed and we got off the hook. Later during the party my boss had said to me that he was glad that we got in trouble with HR and I agreed. Our team is definitely the trouble makers in the company, but what fun is there if there isn’t someone like that in the company? We laughed it off and high fived each other lol. Best boss ever!

So while other people started to join the party, my colleague was preparing these uni shooters. Everyone was forced to have one, which they all ended up loving. That uni shooter was delicious and extremely fresh. I’m so glad we decided to get the uni. It was fun to see people’s reaction eating it since it was a few people’s first time trying it. There were lots of laughs and great conversation happening throughout the night. There were even some dancing on desks happening haha. It was a lot of fun and we didn’t leave the office until 9PM. When I had got home, my boss texted me and thanked me for helping with providing the snacks and helping out, which was nice of him. Despite the sad news in the company and a lost of a colleague on my team, it was really nice to get our minds off of the bad and to come together to have a great time. I love my boss and team so much and will be forever grateful to be a part of a team full of amazing and talented people.


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