Corporate Changes

Apparently a lot has changed during the one week span that I was away. I had planned to go into the office yesterday, but I was so exhausted from traveling and needed to catch up on sleep that I decided to work remotely instead. Yesterday I had learned that a colleague on my team is resigning after 10 years to pursue another exciting opportunity. Another member on my team’s contract won’t be getting extended. It’ll be both of their last week at the company. When I discovered this news during our daily design meetings, I was surprised and sad. Today was my first day back in the office ever since my trip to Boston. I was happy to see my team, but the happiness didn’t last long. As soon as I checked my e-mail I saw the news about organizational changes. There’s a lot of people at my company that has been there for nearly 20 years and they’re all really great, smart folks. One of the biggest changes that has affected me the most is one of the executives leaving the company. He has been extremely supportive in anything my boss has done and has always believed and pushed for our team to succeed. My team has succeeded over time and now have leverage in what we can do in the company, but it won’t be the same without him. He was someone that understood design and the vision we’ve been pushing for. It’s very rare to come across someone like him. He’ll have a lot of big shoes to fill. Despite my distant relationship with him, he had supported me behind the scenes and I couldn’t be grateful enough. I had sent him an e-mail wishing him well and thanking him for believing in our team. Throughout the day, I learned of several more executives names that won’t be a part of the company any longer. It just made me feel even more sad. The company is losing a lot of great people, but I guess it is time to make room for the newer generation to lead the company. I’m trying my best to keep my morale up as high as possible for the sake of my team and especially my boss. It was just an overall sad day in the office.


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