Happy Days

Despite the stress I’ve been dealing with, in this short amount of time things has gotten better. Earlier in the week I had received great news from my boss about my job, which has made me feel more at ease. I had received an update from my boss a week prior about my job status and I was semi relieved, but you never know what’s going to happen. So when he had delivered the positive news, he high fived me and I gave him a big hug. I was so overwhelmed and happy that I was close to crying, but I told him I won’t since I was about to have a meeting. I felt really great about everything again. The lingering uncertainty that has weighed so heavy on me the past couple of months is finally gone. Now I have to hope that towards the end of the year, that things will continue to look up again. I was excited and shared some of the news with some people on my team, but my boss had already shared the news with the rest. It was really rewarding to hear kind words from my colleagues and I just absolutely love how supportive we are of each other. I am very lucky to be at the job I’m at and doing what I love. I remember a couple days before receiving the good news, I spoke with a close girlfriend of mines and told her if my boss can pull through for me, then I’m going to buy him a nice bottle of Japanese whisky…again. Looks like I’ll have to make a trip to the liquor store this week.

In a previous post I had mentioned about flying back to Boston for my dad’s 60th birthday, but mainly couldn’t go because of the timing and things happening at work. As my way of celebrating the great news at work and to make up for my dad’s birthday, I booked tickets home the next day after the good news. Plus the timing for me to visit home works out since most of the company will be away in Las Vegas for this big conference we’ve been working on. It means it’ll be quiet around the office and I had planned on working from home anyways. I figured that I might as well work remotely in Boston. I’m really excited. The moment I purchased the tickets, I called my mom immediately to share the news with her. We’ve agreed to keep this upcoming trip of mines as a surprise for my dad. So it’s been quite hard having to bite my tongue since we tell each other everything. Plus I only want to use this time while I’m home to spend time with only them. It’ll kind of be our last time spending time together with just us. I haven’t really told any of my friends back home that I’ll be coming back just because I want to use this time to be with my parents. I don’t want a holiday to be the reason as for me to come visit. Plus, during my next trip to Boston I won’t have time to see them anyways.

I’ve known for quite some time that my mom’s niece and her children from Brazil will be moving into my parent’s household for personal reasons. I’m glad that there will be more company in the house, but at the same time I’m really sad about it. I realized that their home is officially no longer mines. I won’t have a room anymore and while I’m back I still have to clear several of my belongings that I couldn’t bring with me when I moved to Cali. It’s very bittersweet, but it sucks. This was bound to happen anyways. Cali is will never be considered home to me, but I feel a bit conflicted as to where my home really is anymore. That’s another story in itself, but I’m just looking forward to spending quality time with them. Definitely looking forward to my mom’s home cooking!

It’s been pretty hot here in SJ this past weekend and I really wanted to go to the beach. I had plans yesterday so I couldn’t go and today I just didn’t want to deal with the weekend beach crowd. I have plenty of accrued PTO to use, so might as well take advantage of it. I sent my boss an e-mail this afternoon telling him I’ll be offline tomorrow. I’m planning to drive down to Santa Cruz and getting my tanning on. I’m pretty excited to have a beach day just by myself. I need to do this for myself since I’ve been struggling with relaxing and trying to destress. I’ve already looked up which beach to go to, where to grab lunch and whatnot. I have to pick up some beach accessories tomorrow morning before my drive. Looking forward to putting into use of the RVCA bathing suits I got from the warehouse sale when I was down in Orange County two months ago. Also, I’ll have a fun design event to check out tomorrow as well. Many things to look forward to tomorrow and the upcoming week!

I’m just very grateful for how things are turning out and it just feels good to be in a better place.


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