Clingy BFF

I was Facetiming with one of my girlfriends the other day. We were just catching up and talking about random things. She had mentioned to me how her friend L is moving to Cali and possibly to or around San Jose. L had mentioned to my friend if it’s okay for her to get in contact with me. I kinda cringed when she told me haha. Apparently L thinks I hate her due to an incident she had with my friend. Plus the past couples times I had seen her, I probably had this bitchy looking face on but no directed towards her haha. I just look serious/kinda mean when I’m not smiling at you or whatever. I can easily give off that impression that I don’t want anything to do with you.

Well here’s the back story on L. L is just annoying as fuck lol. She’s the type of person that comes on really strong and tries wayyy too hard to be friends with anyone. For example, she’ll immediately ask you for all of your contact information after maybe 10 minutes of meeting her. For real girl, chill out lol. That’s initially what happened to me when another close girlfriend of mines introduced me to her. I was already warned of her ways prior to meeting her. She’s basically stingy and annoying. Sure, she’s nice and harmless, but oh well. Her first impressions never sat well with me. We’ve ran into each other quite a few times but I never said hi. I’ve only met her two times and I just never cared enough to start a conversation with her. It’s just the vibe I got from her that she didn’t have good intentions. When you come on so strong, I just get defensive because I feel like you’re up to no good.

I always felt as though she plays the “poor me” card a lot, which makes me find her to be so full of shit lol. L had an incident with my close girlfriend (the one that introduced me to her). I didn’t appreciate how she disrespected my friend so I never acknowledged her. I would be like that with anyone if they treated my friends poorly and it’s just how protective I am about them. I just find people like her to be such a waste of time and I really just don’t care for her. I know a couple of my friends that are associated with L takes her crap, but I won’t tolerate such foolishness. I always asked my friends why they’re even friends with her and I suppose they’re just too nice. L’s behavior is just unacceptable to me.

There’s only a handful of people from Boston that I’ll care to reach out to if they move/visit Cali. Generally it’ll be close friends or people I think are chill. I don’t know. I’m just very selective in who I allow into my social circle. I’m very private about a lot of things. I got nothing to hide, but the last thing I need to deal with is some clingy mofo trying to be my “BFF”. No thanks and back the fuck up lol.


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