Work Spouses

After a fun night out with my colleagues on St. Patrick’s Day, my boss and colleague were having some interesting conversations. One consisted of how my colleague J that I work close with vents to me about his wife and random things. I joked around telling them how J is like my gal pal. Then my boss said you know there’s a term for that: work wife. We all cracked up laughing and I said hell no haha. They were saying there’s nothing wrong with that since we work closely together and we talk about anything together. So there’s definitely a formed friendship there. I disregarded that comment on continued my way home.

Last night our team went out again since two of our team members that work remotely were in town. J never comes out to have drinks with us, even if it’s in the office. So yesterday he actually came out with us to this Japanese whisky lounge close by to our office. We all ordered drinks and took advantage of the happy hour specials. As we were once again having really funny yet interesting conversations, we somehow got to talking about me. We were discussing about my makeup, which is bare to none. I mainly wear blush, eyeliner and fill in my eyebrows. We started joking around about my eyebrows and it was really funny yet so random.

Suddenly J brought up this one time how I came into work with no makeup on. Oh boy that was the start of it lol. He started going on about how I looked good with no makeup on and looked so natural. I apparently “keep it real” LOL. Everyone was cracking up, but E was laughing extremely loud and looked at me. E was one of my colleagues that was in the car with my boss and I the night before. After J was done complimenting me A LOT lol, E looked at me and I was laughing and yelling shut up to him lol. Soon J left to go home and E and I started laughing. He was saying how I’m definitely J’s work wife and how he was hitting on me lol. J is an attractive, MARRIED man and a young dad, but I would never say the things he said to me to him lol. I still cringe during that moment, but it was hilarious lol.

Don’t think my team will ever let that go. Sighs haha.


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