Living With Less

A bit prior to me moving to California, I adapted this “living with less” philosophy. I’ve grown so big on decluttering and trying to live a much more simple life without many items. It’s actually very refreshing. Whenever I have the chance to Facetime with one of my close girlfriends, I help her get rid of things from her closet. I feel as though a lot of us holds onto many things that we feel that a connection or a memory towards. For example, maybe there’s a particular outfit you wore during a special event with family or friends. But once that event is over, is it still any special?

During my partying/clubbing days I was stocking up on so much unnecessary stuff; dresses, skirts, tops, shoes, makeup. It was a bit ridiculous. I had moved around a lot the past couple of years so every time I moved I had to get rid of stuff. Over the years I’ve accumulated a total of 15 large garbage bags of clothes being donated. I cringe now thinking about how much those bags are worth. I was young and wasteful. I’m not much of a shopper like I was in the past. I actually hate going to the mall. I don’t find it “fun” to loiter the mall or to try things on. Plus, I hate the crowds. It frustrates me. I have a lot more self control now when it comes to buying things in general. Nowadays I just spend my money on my bills, groceries and gas.

I remember when I was packing my things for my move, I made sure that I can only pack 2 suitcases worth of clothes and that was all I allowed myself to bring. Whatever couldn’t fit in my car, it couldn’t come with me. It made me realize what was important to me. My clothes, books, saved cards and photos from family and friends, and of course my laptop. That was priority to me. If anything I feel as if I got rid of a lot of things to forget about how life was back in Boston. This was also my whole “detachment” phase. I wanted to detach myself from anything and everything to make my move to California as smooth as possible. I had moved back to my parents place before my move so I didn’t have to deal with renewing my lease, didn’t date anyone from Boston because I wasn’t going to string no one along with me, and etc.

I feel like practically every weekend morning when I sit up in my bed and look around my room, I want to get rid of more things. Odd thing is I really don’t have much now. I’m fine with being left with a bed, desk and a bookcase. Not every space in your surroundings has to be filled. Right now I’m working on decluttering my desk. There is too many random things and I don’t even know where it came from. Eventually, I’d like to be able to fit all of my clothes into one suitcase. Maybe even one day get rid of my car as well, but that’s kinda pushing it haha. Sometimes I feel that the more I have, the more I want to get rid of it. I’ve learned to find more joy in owning less. Living a simpler life can help us to lead more meaningful lives. It is about realizing that happiness and security aren’t found in possessions. I am very happy with this minimalist lifestyle that I’ve grown accustomed to and hope a lot more people can adapt this, too.


5 thoughts on “Living With Less

  1. You’d like this blog, I think it’s called mnmlist and the guy is all about downsizing. He sold his car and got two bikes instead. Family moved to San Francisco where public transit and biking is more safe.

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