NYE 2014

An hour and a half left until 2015 arrives here in the west coast. My family and friends are already celebrating. For myself, I just got home and getting ready for bed. How did I spend my last day of the year? I worked from home, cleaned my room, went to the gym, put in fresh new bed sheets, and made a yummy dinner. I was hoping to just stay in and relax, but opted to head out last minute with my coworker who is my neighbor haha. She was really kind enough to invite me over to her family’s for dinner and to hang out. Since I had already made dinner, I just wanted to get out of the house and have some wine before I drop kick my current annoying house guest. I was in a great mood until this shit head decided to disrespect me. I wouldn’t be surprised if I punched him in the face before he leaves.

Anyways, I got dressed up, had to get out of the house and let off that steam. My coworker’s family is really nice. I’ve met her parents and her boyfriend several times already. Very sweet, nice family. We got tired of mingling and decided to head back to her place to lounge around. Now I’m getting cozy for bed and reading my jar of notes that I’ve written for the year of 2014. Every single day (well almost), I wrote something good that happened in my day even if it was a bad day. Whether I had a delicious lunch, Facetime called my friends, checking out a local event, etc. Looking forward to reading what happened throughout the year of 2014. Probably going to continue doing it for 2015. It’s kind of interesting to see what you define is a “good” day.

It was a very long and difficult year, but I realized how much of a long way I’ve come to the point where I’m at now. In 2013, I arrived in Cali with no job lined up or anything. I remember last year on NYE it was my last day at my contract job, which made me feel horrible knowing I was going to start off the new year with no job. Throughout this past year I’ve progressed in my career and got to where I want to be and what I set out to accomplish here in Cali. I wanted to stray away from being the print designer that I was in Boston and shift gears towards the UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) route. I had to take on a few freelance and contract jobs to get me to my current job. I have an amazing boss, my team is talented and smart, and I love the work I do. I am truly blessed. California will always be a big adjustment to me. I will always be homesick, be upset and cry about it, but c’mon. I took myself out of my comfort zone especially my hometown where I was born and raised. I’m very thankful for having supportive and loving family and friends in my life despite the distance between us.

As for my new year’s resolutions, I’m not too sure. Perhaps I’ll post it tomorrow. Hope everyone has a happy and safe new year!


3 thoughts on “NYE 2014

  1. What did you make for dinner? I miss your posts about the food you cook. Looks so healthy. And I love the idea of writing something good each day. That’s a great new years resolution right there. Did you actually write one for every single day?

    1. It was garlic noodles with shrimp, cilantro and avocado. I love avocado with everything!

      Yes, I did write one for almost every single day. I lost track during 2-3 weeks but I remember at that time I was really busy with my previous job and I know I was happy. I kept a few of the notes that I’m going to put in my notebook that I carry around. I was reading all of the notes right before midnight. Took me a whole hour to get through all of those! It’s also a good little activity to do on NYE as a way to reflect before the new year comes.

      Anyways, hope you’re feeling better and Happy New Year! Wish you lots of happiness and luck in the new year!! 🙂

      1. Yeah I think I want to try doing that too! I have “sad days” which are like my menstrual cycle pms days and I just feel awful about everything. Then the next day I’m fine. It’d be good to force myself to think of something good everyday.

        Yaassss I love avocado. It’s an essential part of a Californian diet. I had half an avocado in my chicken sandwich today and another half in a smoothie.

        Happy New year to you too!!

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