Christmas 2014

Lego reindeer with gifts

Nothing exciting this year just like any other year. Hung out with my girl and her son, which is always great seeing them and catching up. We exchanged gifts and drove around to see what restaurants were open for lunch. Of course Asian restaurants during Christmas to be opened is never a fail. Nothing like a yummy Vietnamese rice plate. BOMB! đŸ™‚ After I got home, I had a Facetime session with a close friend from home. Really wished I was back at home so both her and I could hang out so we both wouldn’t be bored and home alone on Christmas. Maybe next year! I was just a bum all day. I took a nap and when I had woken up I wasn’t feeling so well. Then this sadness kicked in. Blah! I’m alright now. I just have my moments. Decided to try to pull myself out of it by watching ‘the Interview’ and putting together my yankee swap gift that I got. I got this Lego set and had planned to put it together on Christmas. Talk about being productive. Now I’m just in bed trying to relax and get myself ready for work tomorrow. That’s as exciting as my day got. I miss doing yankee swap with friends back at home or just getting together if our families weren’t doing anything on Christmas Day so we could comfort each other and have a good time. I really miss it.

I should probably consider traveling somewhere during the holidays from now on with friends. Who knows? I can’t wait til one day when I’m settled down and have my own family to create our own traditions. For now I’ll occupy myself as much as I can when I can’t fly home during the holidays and try to embrace the day.


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