Thanksgiving 2014

It’s been about a week since I’ve been back in Boston now. Today is of course Thanksgiving. As much as I should be happy to be here, I feel like I hate Thanksgiving more than usual. I’m partially mad at my family for leaving me home alone on Thanksgiving. I feel like a fool to even be here in hopes I’d be able to sit down with my family and have a nice meal. Nope. I am angry and a bit bitter. I absolutely hate the holidays because my family will always leave me to tend to their own needs. Perhaps this is the first and last time I consider coming home for Thanksgiving. I’m relieved I didn’t book tickets to come back for Christmas because I’m sure this shit is going to happen again. This is why I fucking hate the holidays. I could’ve just stayed home alone back in Cali than to fly all the way over here to do the same shit. I was so pissed that I was ready to change my flight to go back to Cali because what’s the point in me being here if you don’t even spend any time with me? At least I was able to have a nice Thanksgiving potluck dinner with my friends…


Fuck the holidays.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2014

  1. Oh, sorry to hear about your Thanksgiving. That one holiday to me is special and always shouldn’t be alone. I can feel you want to be with family and not sure why your parents didn’t feel your back to spend at home. Ok, you have a safe flight back to SF.

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