Another Great Day in the Bay

After our cruising along Highway 1 adventure with my friends that were in town visiting, we did even more touristy stuff in SF the next day haha. Once again I was glad to have done all of this with friends that’s never gone to these places before. These places were on my list for quite some time, but like I mentioned it’s more enjoyable with company especially if they have a DSLR, too. I’ve heard great things about a lot of these places and one I’ve been to quite often which is Treasure Island. Here’s a list of the places we stopped for our photo adventure:

– Japantown

– Alamo Square to see the Painted Ladies aka Full House

– Drove down the Divisadero which is one really steep street in SF haha

– Drove down Lombard. Unfortunately weren’t able to get out of the car to take pics of it and was only to take pics from driving down the curvy street.

– Treasure Island: it happened to be Fleet Week in SF so it was the perfect spot to catch the Blue Angels air show!

– Twin Peaks

– Marin Headlands for a better view of the Golden Gate Bridge and to see the sunset

Back in January 25, 2014 I wrote an entry that had some pictures of San Francisco when I had some close friends from home visiting. We did a photo adventure, but it definitely can’t match up to the one I went on with other friends visiting last weekend. It almost makes me want to go back to retake some of these photos but also I think in some way my photography skills has improved. I was rusty earlier in the year since I wasn’t as active with my camera.

Here’s the link to that old entry if you want to view the photos of where I went during that time: click here


Hope you enjoyed the photos! That should be all of the touristy things for now! Wish I had my friends here so we can go on photo adventures often. For now I’m stuck on these adventures alone until any of my friends decides to visit Cali. I still have yet gone to a few museums and certain tourist attractions, but that shall be saved for anyone else that decides to visit me. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Another Great Day in the Bay

    1. I went paparazzi mode when they kept flying by haha. I had an even better close up shot of it that was mad clear BUT it was cropped horribly. Le sighs!!

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