Wedding Shoot

Last Friday I got to be a part of something so beautiful and sweet. A friend of mines from middle school who now resides in Socal contacted me that she was going to go to San Francisco City Hall to get her marriage certificate. She was in need of a photographer so I took up that task. I didn’t charge her anything since I’m not a professional nor am I a freelance photographer. I’ve mainly done product shoots and some photography for my own design work. But I primarily do it as a hobby than as a business. I was excited yet nervous about taking on this task. I wanted it to be perfect since this was a very important day to her and her fiancé.

I picked them up and off to city hall we went. Luckily the weather was pretty nice in SF that day because the day before it had rained. As soon as we arrived inside of city hall I was amazed at how beautiful the interior of it was. Now I really understood why she came up to Norcal to get this done here. I’ve only taken one shot of the exterior before and never been inside. It’s definitely a place you have to visit. There were lots of other couples waiting to get married, checking in and getting their photos taken. I didn’t realize the people working there were all volunteers. I thought that was a really great thing to do on their end.

While we were waiting during the whole check in process, I took some photos for them. L (the bride to be) was pretty much directing me, which was fine by me. I had no idea what to tell her to do so I told her to just do whatever she wants. After taking a few photos L and I got to chat for a bit and it was great catching up with her. It was really refreshing to see a friend from home. I think the last time I had seen her was on her birthday back in Boston 2 years ago. To see her again on her wedding day was so crazy, but I am extremely happy for her. It was my first time meeting her fiancé and they were so cute and sweet together. Finally it was their turn for the ceremony. During this whole process, I tried so hard not to cry as I’m taking the photos. It was one of the sweetest moments I got to witness in my life. You just see how their relationship is so sweet and genuine. I told her she was the luckiest girl in the world to have such a good man in her life.

We took some more photos before we left. Luckily a lot of people were leaving city hall so there weren’t as many people in the photos I took. I got done editing her photos last night and e-mailed them to her. I felt extremely relieved that she loved the photos. I was scared I didn’t take enough or they weren’t up to par. Glad they exceeded her expectations for the most part. I got kinda teary eyed when I was editing the photos of them exchanging their vows and what not. It was so sweet.

Anyways, I came to a realization I need a better lens since I just have the standard 18-135mm lens for my Canon 60D. Going to start browsing for a better lens whenever I have the chance. Suggestions are welcomed!

Hope you enjoy a few of the photos I posted! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Wedding Shoot

  1. do you have a nifty fifty yet? if not, i’d suggest trying that prime lens out. or maybe the 28mm or 35mm since the view is similar to what a 50mm looks like on a full frame camera body.

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