Haight Street Block Party

This past Sunday I went to SF to check out this event my coworker told me about. It was the 1st Annual Haight Street Music & Merchants Street Festival. It was pretty much a block party in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in SF. The headliners of this free event was Erykah Badu (DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown) and Talib Kweli. There were various performers as well, but not sure of their names since I didn’t see an online flyer with their names. I was all for checking out this event since I didn’t get to see Erykah Badu back in February/March when I went to a concert in SF. She had changed line ups with someone else and came on last and that concert went on until 3AM and I was exhausted. I was always bummed out that I never got to see her. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity again. I decided to bring my DSLR with me and just check out the event by myself. I know my friends back at home would’ve loved this event since they like hip hop.

I got really lucky with parking when I got into SF. I parked down the street from the second stage that was being set up. I walked around since it was the other end of Haight St. that I’ve never been on. I’ve mainly been around Lower Haight before. The event was from 12-6PM, so after I parked it was 1PM. I decided to just go into this one restaurant that I was in front of to get some food and a few beers before it got crowded. I got a perfect window seat where I could see the stage. The windows at the restaurant were opened so I was just chillen there with a beer and enjoying the good music. Had my legs rested on the ledge of the window and it was very relaxing. Got to do a lot of people watching, which was pretty entertaining haha.

Talked to a few random people while waiting around for Erykah Badu. Eventually I got up and went outside to dance around to the music. It was fun dancing around with strangers. I felt so care free and pretty much everyone there didn’t give a fuck about anything. It was really awesome to be around that since it reminded me of the fun I used to have back at home with friends or even meeting strangers whenever I was out. Everyone was really nice and we all came to this event just to enjoy ourselves. Finally Erykah Badu came on and I stayed til almost the end. Too bad I didn’t get to see Talib Kweli. I’m only assuming he was at the other stage at the other end of the block. I was not going to try to even talk through that crowd to see him haha. I wasn’t even too far from the end of the block I was at and it took me forever to just walk a few steps to get out so I can walk back to my car. Overall, it was a really fun event and hopefully they have it again next year. It definitely would’ve been more fun to have some company, but nonetheless it was still a ton of fun! The whole purpose of this event is to supposedly bring the neighborhood together, which is really great thing. I really wouldn’t even mind living in that neighborhood, but SF is too damn expensive for my bank account haha.

Here’s a link to much better photos than what I took: click here and here


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