Farewell JB

This afternoon after I came back into my office from grabbing lunch from a nearby food truck, I got semi bombarded by my colleague. He kindly asked if I had some time to chat and I said of course. He quickly mentioned that he had two bits of good news to tell me. I didn’t know what to think when he said this. We stepped into the conference room, door closed and he told me the news. First he will be leaving the company in 3 weeks, which he’s happy about since he wasn’t working on necessary projects. Secondly, his e-Book that he wrote just released and will need to focus on promotional efforts. I congratulated him about his book, but was bummed that he was leaving. I recently learned a bit more about him 2 weeks ago after having a pretty intellectual conversation in regards of User Experience design and whatnot. He’s worked with brilliant people in his past and he himself is a brilliant mind as well. It was very intriguing and I joked around with him saying he is a man of few words, but a few intelligent words. He’s the type of person that observes and chooses wisely of what words he’s going to use when he speaks. I love it! So after he told me the two bits of news, he told me he definitely wants to keep in touch with me and for me to hopefully be a part of something exciting. He was considering writing a book about UX (User Experience) and would love for me to be a part of it. He mentioned I will be compensated and I told him I wouldn’t accept his money. I told him I felt really honored and extremely rewarded to work with such a smart man. He was definitely flattered. We continued chatting some more and it’s great to connect with someone that shares the same mind set as myself when it comes to design and a few other things in general. After our chat, we exchanged business cards so we can keep in touch. I’m still quite giddy and excited about our discussion this afternoon. I really hope this project moves forward since it will be a pretty awesome collaborating session. I’m still really flattered for him to want me on board yet alone to be considered to be a part of that project. It definitely gives me that extra boost of confidence in my work. 🙂

• Here’s an article that he wrote for UX Magazine: http://uxmag.com/articles/everything-i-really-need-to-know-about-user-experience-i-learned-in-sunday-school

• Here’s a look at his newly released eBook, which is also available on Amazon: http://www.wayfind.com/habib.html


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