Treasure Island Flea Market

Yesterday I decided to go to SF and check out the Treasure Island Flea Market. This was my third time going to it. I actually really enjoy going to this especially since they only do it the last weekend of every month. It’s a fun weekend event. The vendors for both the flea market and the food trucks always changes, which is nice. This time I went alone since I didn’t have anyone to go with, but I didn’t mind. I just wanted a peaceful Sunday afternoon to myself anyways. This time I brought my DSLR with me since I was too lazy to bring it with me the previous times. I really wanted to get a photo of the 45 foot Giant Female Nude Sculpture in Disrepair. It’s such a beautiful sculpture and it’s called “Bliss Dance”. Apparently it was intended to be used for Burning Man, but nope. Google about it! Anyways, once I arrived I browsed around and took some photos at random stuff. I bought some succulents for my desk at work, which I have to depot later. I will show the final product in another post! I also bought these Lego photograph cards. It was my second time buying it from the same vendor. They’re pretty much Star Wars Legos set up doing funny and inappropriate things in the photo haha. I enjoy sending cards to friends and thought these were awesome. I’ve bought duplicates for myself because I think they’re hilarious and cute haha. I should buy Legos myself and photograph them and make some cash, but oh well.

After lingering around, I decided to see what food trucks they had. The lines were so long, so I just opted for the shortest line haha. I got a smoked salmon eggs benedict from this one food truck that is mainly known for eggs benedict. I think the food truck was called Arnold Benedict’s? While I was waiting for my food, I noticed this lady standing next to me had a Bloody Mary since they do serve beer, wine, and mixed cocktails at the flea market. I was hesitant on getting it because it didn’t look that great, but I asked her how it was and she convinced me that it was pretty legit haha. My food was finally ready and then I went over to the bar area to get myself a Bloody Mary. I found a spot in the shade and laid out my beach towel and had an impromptu picnic. It was a very relaxing “brunch”. I laid there for quite sometime and even took a quick nap haha. It was extremely relaxing sitting in the shade with the refreshing breeze. It was seriously such a super nice day out in SF.

I just wanted to lay there forever, but I told myself to continue to browse the rest of the flea market. The flea market was ending in an hour or less after I walked around. So I decided to walk across the street and take photos of the SF skyline view. It was beautiful, but it looks even better at night. There’s always lots of people standing/sitting on the rocks taking photos. I found a seat on the bench after people were slowly clearing out. I just sat there enjoying the view and for once didn’t feel like my mind was overwhelmed with millions of thoughts. I was at ease with myself. I sat there for quite some time continuously admiring the view and yet again I told myself I needed to start driving home since I was getting a bit too relaxed and sleepy haha. Overall, it was a great day and everyone needs to check it out if you’re in the Bay Area! 🙂


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