Helping Hand

I was watching these videos today and it just made me want to tear up a bit, but I was at work during my lunch break so that couldn’t happen haha. I think what Tim did was great and I know he’s not the only person to have ever done something like that for their family. My family is a bit similar to Tim’s. Both our parents own a business and they’re complete workaholics. My parents own a business to make life easier for our family, but I wouldn’t say things has been easy. I’ve always been responsible for my parents and gradually been the head of the household as I got older. I enjoyed taking care of them and never felt obligated to just because they’re my parents. It makes me the happiest seeing them smile and laugh, even with our daily phone calls I try to make them laugh. I always wish I can give back in any way I can even if it’s just doing the little things. Even though I’m so far away I wish I could help them like I used to. That amount of guilt I have that was there prior to my move to Cali still weighs heavy on me. I wish I was able to present my parents a pretty hefty check like that so they’ll feel more at ease and be able to relax. It made me really sad knowing I’m not capable of doing that right now since I’m still getting situated with my job and my own finances. I’m trying my best to work as hard as I can to be able to provide for them. Today was one of the first time where I felt extremely burnt out. This past week I haven’t been able to focus on my work properly because I am so exhausted. When I got home from work, I barely had the energy to speak to my parents, but I talked to them briefly because I know how much they miss me. There are moments when we do speak I feel really sad because they’re so worn out from working and they vent to me about their stress and problems. They tell me how tired they are and you can hear it in their voices. I tear up and try to hold it in when they tell me their frustrations. I know how badly they want that helping hand. All I want to do is to make their life easy like how they did for me.


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